Not Enough Stevie In Your Wheatie?

Hey, Stevie?

What you eating for breakfast, mate?

Cheese Omelette


It’s not easy, being cheesy, Stevie!

What if I told you that we were making a brand new breakfast cereal!?!

put cheese away

Straight from the #Krew laboratories, it’s extremely high fiber to keep you regular, uses all natural flavoring, with no chemical additives to make you irregular!

It’s name is Even Flow On The Go!  And is endorsed by one of our favorite bands!  Well, it’s not really endorsed.  They may have eaten it, yesterday for breakfast.  But probably not.


It comes in convenient travel sized packaging that most Americans are used to.  Sizes are travel pack, medium, and jumbo.

We based our packing sizes not on regular dietary recommendations, but on the American consumer!

Steve With Tiny Bubbles Surprised


For only $1.99 introductory offer the special travel pack edition with secret decoder ring can be yours!

It’s the Breakfast of Champeens, Stevie!  What do you say?

Steve With Tiny Bubbles Surprised


Yes, indeed Stevie!  It’s a step stool and keeps your stool flowing!

Corporate-Hood ~ The Tell Tale Pounding!

Mr. Sandler awoke at his desk with a start.  Drooling on himself, he signed disgustedly.

Having horrible dreams, the constant pounding of his guilty conscious, he was growing increasingly frustrated at his lack of control.

He must have control!

His phone was ringing.  It was his now hysterical wife, “Where are you?” she said.

“I’m sorry, I feel asleep at work, I will be home shortly” he answered.

He couldn’t believe that he had to answer to her.  A confirmed and proud misogynist, who felt that Ray Rice had done his best to get away from that abusive wife of his, he couldn’t believe he had to answer to his own wife.

He put her on the list to be dealt with later.  Always, later.  Always with his list.  He slid his list under his desk calendar, and headed home.

It was 4:30 AM.

He didn’t take note of the janitors note on his secretaries desk.

And he didn’t note that he had not put his list away.  A mad scrawl was plainly visible.


On Fake Social Signals & “Mission Thieves” ~ #SocialMedia #Marketing #InfluencerNetworking

To be sure, if you engage in retweet groups or “like for like” there is a potential downside.

And that’s the question about whether your internet traffic is legitimate.  And what I mean by that is are your posts, tweets, etc. being seen by an audience that is legitimately interested in your content, or are they merely liking it because they are paying you back for yours, the quid pro quo.

Are the results repeatable based on your content?  If you remove yourself from the retweet group, etc does the interaction with those people continue or not?

And that’s the problem seen with Empire Avenue as well.

If you remove yourself from the environment, how many of those people continue to interact?

Very early on last October after joining Empire Avenue I noted that a great many of the posts were clearly mission posts.  You could see the same string of likes, very often in the same order, across multiple accounts.  The same avi’s of people looking at you.

It was very clear to me that Empire Avenue players were running these missions.  Were they genuinely engaging?  That is the great unknown question.

And that’s why Empire Avenue is a “reach” tool.  You gain access to the other players networks, and while some are quite large, their “quite large” networks aren’t translating into market penetration, as new players are not flocking to Empire Avenue from these large accounts followings.

And, far from happily claiming their association with Empire Avenue, many of the players of the game absolutely do not want any mention of Empire Avenue on their posts.  Why?  Because of the onus, the thought that you only viewed their content for payment, that being the eaves.

So, while FCC regulations require an open claim of any paid endoresement, etc, it’s very clear to me that Empire Avenue skirts this issue.

How?  By having Leaders post about “missions” from the “players perspective” about how the “golden rule” and such requires that people complete the mission as the mission creator truly wants.  That is, like and share their “mission” content.

And who is the person that said these things?  Chris Sandys, employee of Belpointe Asset Management and leader of Empire Avenue, in charge of marketing, etc.

And what is his “mission”?

To intimidate customers by referring to them as “mission thieves” if they don’t conform to his ideal of mission completion, amongst others.





He doesn’t even realize he paid to lead a corporations marketing department, amongst others.


11.  The obviously contradictory statements by Chris Sandys (Leader w/agency and Nance Larson, Leader, Team Leader).





Well, Saverin is now a rich man, is he not?  Of course EA valued itself at 100 bucks a person x 2000 people for control of most of their company.  I don’t think EA is worth a carton of cigarettes now, but they do go for more in prison, Chris.  You might ask some of the inmates how they value cigarettes and other luxury items, someday.

What a way to deal with customers.

Brand Manager/Administrator Robby Ball has this to say about some people at Empire Avenue.





To be clear, as Empire Avenue has now closed their General Community Forums rather than moderate to a fair and equitable standard, made their “leaders” forum private, rather than actually stop personal attacks and their EaV Elder’s forum, where leaders are supposed to work (along with regular ea members) is also private, I cannot recommend even signing up for free at Empire Avenue.

After all, rather than enforece their own Terms of Service, Richard Townsend, Brand Manager/Administrator openly claims the EaV Elder’s forum was unmoderated.

Mr. Townsend’s outright hostility to his own customers is astonishing. 



Silence is Complicity, Steven Healey.

Capture 2

So, if there’s some people you like on Empire Avenue, but you don’t wish to associate with people like Chris Sandys, there’s an easy way to remedy this.

Use Tweepi.  Search hashtags #EaV #EmpireAve and #EmpireAvenue and follow the people you like.  And block those you don’t.

Utilize the “tweet search” option, and search those hashtags.

For virtually the same price of an upgrade package at Empire Avenue you get great many tools and astonishing flexibility to target a niche audience, and follow/unfollow whoever is on twitter.

It’s a truly wonderful tool.

If you wish to know whom I recommend absolutely not following or interacting with, email me on my contact email.

PS:  Obviously not, Paul.  There’s way better tools than EA for such things.  They are a niche market, attacking their own customers to drive them away.  That’s not a growth model.

They can be a combination of game and metrics, but they provide no way to reach your niche at all.  In fact they have driven off people that run your missions.





The official EaV Leaders account are liars.  Here’s their response to me, when I was talking about bullying on Empire Avenue.  It’s clear the lying is systemic at Empire Avenue.

As is cyber bullying, and now stalking, with Gareth Davies and Chris Sandys engaging in it as a sort of tag team.

Can’t suppress the truth, homies.  They are true clowns and shouldn’t be on Empire Avenue, much less allowed to interact with customers.





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Corporate-Hood ~ The Hit

SHE called again.  She had lost a copyright claim after insanely claiming a Victoria’s Secret design as her own original design.

He was sweating profusely.  He had been way, way to far out in front on this one.  Made false allegations and lies that were public record.

How did he ever get involved with her?  Why did he have to take his call.

His anus shriveled.  Unable to control events, he had panicked and played dirty.  But it had been noted.  And documented.  And watched as they played dirtier and dirtier and dirtier.

Unable to control the reporter, they had become quite brazen, in fact.

He could not believe that he had written correspondence that stated they would use superior force.

He hoped that was not seen, and catalogued.  He hoped and prayed to his false gods that it was not seen and catalogued.

And he, Mr. Sandler, was on the low end of the totem poll.  The chain of plausible deniability ended above him.  And he was directly connected to their “muscle”, the man they use to personally attend to such matters.  But the “muscle” had been exposed and gone into hiding.

Their hacker had also been identified, and even THANKED publically by this crazy woman.  This was NOT good.  Not good at all.

He shrunk in his chair.

Sweating profusely he reached into his drawer for his hit.   In his panicked state, he didn’t even close the door.

Alcohol no longer did it.

He leaned down, and quickly taking what he thought was hidden, he rose, feeling the rush.   What remained of the rush.  It wasn’t much of a rush at all anymore.

He was building a tolerance.  This was no good, he’d have to up his dose.  What would that do to him?  For now he was sure he was maintaining well enough.

Outside his office, his secretary noted the time, and the activities she had noted.  She would report this to her superior when Mr. Sandler was out of the office.

She sighed.  She could not believe she had to babysit such a man as this.

Noting his disheveled appearance, she could not believe he could walk by and feign normalcy.  He often came to work in yesterdays clothes, not even having showered.  It looked like he slept in the clothes.

She couldn’t believe he was still employed at all.  What a crazy, byzantine place.

She made a note to look for a new job.

Anyplace that could employ such a man as this was certainly ethically challenged beyond hope.  It was embarrassing to her now, and she feared for damage to her own resume.

Who Would Claim Such A Person As Nancy Abt as Friend? #socialmedia #news #breakingnews

Unable to comprehend that she had been removed from my Webisodes  for trolling children, Nancy Abt has gone on an insance rant on @twitter, tweeting false allegations and lies.

Despite loving being in the webisodes voluntarily, as seen in these tweets






She has claimed I destroyed her face without permission.

Unfortunately, most observers that I speak with believe she has destroyed her own face with to many fillers.

I merely created the character in #ImperialAve to reflect the true person that exists.







Again, it is not her.  It’s a satirical creation of a character in the #ImperialAve webisode.


I am not, was not and have never stalked anyone.  I did use the headshot I had on file that she gave me to create the character.  She gave me the picture before I removed her from my webisode.

As she is a celebrity, as a former hollywood agent and advertiser (paid for her celebrity by advertisers in fact) she is newsworthy.  And “newsworthy” includes satirical works consistent with free speech/fair use.






She degrades herself with her lies, and malicious acts.  I simply create a character that is based on what I see.

That is the vicious truth of this person.


I have never stalked anyone.  Ms. Abt is simply a sociopath unable to control free speech/fair use.

So she has blogged threats, and has tweeted them.





Twitter has taken down her false claims that I stole her design in their entirety.  I believe there were 6 tweets.



I remain astonished that people that I considered friends (online) would remain friends with Ms. Abt.

Perhaps the former hollywood connections are that strong?   I do not know, but Robin Davidman, formerly an actress in Hollywood, rather than confronting the truth of who her “friend” is, chose to say nothing.

Now that Ms. Abt has revealed herself, we wonder if Ms. Davidman would reconsider my requests for assistance when asking for help in dealing with Ms. Abt?

Asking mutual friends for assistance is part of what is recommended by all social media channels.  This strange reticence to help is a dark blot on our society as a whole.

We wish Ms. Davidman well, but she has been removed from the webisodes as well, as I simply cannot be friends with someone who is friends with a person that would threaten my face.  I read that as a deadly threat, personally.

Cowboy Music!

Hey, Stevie!

Do you like Cowboy music?




Presenting my Top 10 Cowboys music!



















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Dear Kamal Bennani, Empire Avenue Leader #socialmedia #customerservice

Kamal, as you have taken to answering customer service questions in the forums, it might help if you answer them correctly.





Your answer is incorrect.  As you can be a non leader, and still play the game, and even be a paying customer as a non leader.

It’s easy to make individual purchases from the shop, or upgrade to the bronze packages, etc.

Anyway, in creating a market, everything is paid for by the end consumer.  Whether it’s Empire Avenue’s investors money subsidizing, or Empire Avenue now trying to run as a profit making business as the investors appear to have turned the tap off.

This is another reason why Empire Avenue needs a community manager that doesn’t equivocate, dissemble, or openly lie to customers.

As Empire Avenue has a record of attacking it’s customers overtly, it’s not a stretch to think such tactics are on purpose, as they desperately need sales, now.

PS:  “non leader” is very offensive, as one can lead without having purchased the “Leaders” package.  And the whole world knows how they lead now…

Header 8 ~ Super Krew

Google Search Terms

It’s always fun to see what search terms are bringing traffic to the blog.

These are search terms for 9/23 to today.

nancy abt agent

Imagine that.

milton friedman political compass

I invite anyone that blogs on wordpress to take the political compass test.  Email me the resuls and I will post them.

I will add one subjective rule.  You must be an actual blogger, not a spam bot as lots of the players are from Empire Avenue who established ‘blogs’ just to up their game score.  No original content to be found on most of those blogs.  They know who they are.

history of online gaming

My comments on online gaming reviews can be found here.

A review, here. 

who was the leaders in music in the 50s

Elvis!  Chuck Berry!  Richie Valens!  The Big Bopper!

Music still lives!

all superheroes

All superheroes, all the time!  ;)

Header 8 ~ Super Krew


building local community with social media

Be real, engaging, truthful, helpful, don’t attack your “community” by cyber bullying or stalking them.  Again, Empire Avenue is a perfect example of how NOT to conduct business.

trend me


empire avenue players


groupthink case study example


poems about pat tillman


picture that tell 1000 word

Yup habayeb


nancy abt