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On June 5. 1944 Allied Commander Dwight David Eisenhower stood before the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles and gave a heartfelt speech, to send the men on their way.

The men of the 101st have been memorialized as the Band of Brothers, and fought from D Day through the surrender of Germany in many battles.

After Germany surrendered, the men of the 101st awaited their fates, as they were not discharged from the army.  They stood to be shipped to the Pacific, to fight the Japanese.

The Japanese surrendered before that occured, however.

us army_Dwight Eisenhower_101_d_day



General Eisenhower had the following speech prepared, to exhort the brave young men onward to victory.




In General Eisenhower’s pocket was a handwritten note that he had prepared to accept responsibility in the event of the D-Day landing failing.



Today, sadly we are a country fractured, led by men and women who put loyalty to party or corporation ahead of loyalty to the United States as a whole.

The inability to simply admit a mistake and accept responsibility is astounding.  That such men can come out of our military academies is tremedously disappointing.

That they can serve as officers, doubly so.

I find those “men”, especially “men” that served in uniform but engage in such stupidity to be pussies.  Literally not men.  Pathetic, weak and hollow.

They should not call themselves men.

I have met several recently, who seek to stifle free speech and truth.

We shall continue to report on the facts as we see them.

The public deserves the truth of the matter, it’s what my family has fought wars for.  They didn’t fight so pussies could treat people in such ways.


Unable to Function Openly And Transparently… #EmpireAve #EaV #CustomerService #SocialMedia

Empire Avenue has now made the Leaders forum private.  It can no longer be read by non leaders.

Thus they will be free to hide their attacks from the public.

This is another strike against purchasing the Leaders package, as they have broken promise after promise.

It seems they are intent to utterly consume themselves rather than operate in an open and ethical way as any business open to the public would.

This closure joing the EaV Elder’s forum in being non-public.  Despite the fact that anyone can join to improve Empire Avenue and it’s an open invitation, it’s by “moderator approval.”

It’s a very, very strange and insular way to run a business open to the public, that needs volunteers.  That they attack them, is very, very strange.

They would rather bully, and attack, it seems.

We will remain on the case.

Corporate-Hood ~ Being A Lackey

The phone rang.  It was an old, housebound Hollywood actress he had met at some party or event..

He was her friend.  As much as they called each other friends.  In the landscape they existed in, the rarefied air, the next dollar to be made determined who was really their friend.

Until the next dollar or opportunity presented itself, and they reassessed their “friends.”

He signed inwardly.  He couldn’t take a drink, as his door was open.

He spoke quietly into the phone, “Hi Nancy.”

The woman was in a rage, there was bad press, and something had to be done!

He slumped.  He couldn’t believe he was at the beck and call of such people.

“Yes, Nancy, I will get right on it.  Yes, Nancy, I will contact him.  We served together, I am sure he will help.”

He hung up, sweat was pouring off of him.  He glanced about, but noting his secretaries odd posture, swore inwardly.

Used to lying, indeed they rolled off his forked tongue so damned easily now, he made ready to help a “friend.”

Had he spoken to loudly?

He made a quick decision.  He would take a quick coffee break.  Thinking quickly, he bounded out the door with some enthusiasm, and asked his secretary if she’d like a Starbuck’s, his treat!

She looked at him suspiciously, but gave an affirmative answer.

“Thank you, Mr. Sandler.  I’d love one.  That’s very generous of you.”

“Of course,” he smiled.  “Do you have the petty cash?”

The secretary sighed inwardly, “No, but I have money.  Let me get my purse.”

“Oh, that’s ok, I will get it this time,” said Mr. Sandler.

“Thank you, Mr. Sandler,” she answered as he headed out the door…

The Art of Keith Gill, Empire Avenue Leader & Employee of Copper State Communications

Mr. Gill has a creative streak I never knew he had.

Mr, Keith Gill is of course also an employee of Copper State Communications, and was and is still running missions on Empire Avenue that contain false assertions.

Employees of Klout proved Mr. Gill’s Sales 4 Life article wrong, but he continues to hold to his base, false, assertion.

He has taken to Instagram and Twitter with his works of art.

As supporters of the arts, we are quite enthusiastically sharing his great work.























Although his art is a bit off putting, we encourage Mr. Gill to continue to express himself as he has a unique point of view.

Most people shy away from depictions of cannibalism.  But not Keith.  Way to explore subject matter!

Felix Steiner Vis A Vis Chris Sandys, Employee of Belpointe Asset Management, agent of Empire Avenue, inc.

Felix Steiner was  a brilliant panzer commander during World War II.

Unfortunately he was a war criminal, and his troops donned American uniforms during the Battle of the Bulge and killed unsuspecting American soldiers who greeted freshly arriving “American” reinforcements.

And this is how Chris Sandys, employee of Belpointe Asset Management, agent of Empire Avenue, Inc has acted during my interactions with him, since I reported the bullying and attacks I saw being conducted by Gareth Davies on Empire Avenue, and Ulf Hedlund in the [X] Bar Facebook forums.



First, he told Yvonne Roga not to be such a “big baby” in the [X] Bar forum when she opened a thread, assuming [X] Bar was a safe place to post, I believe.

Commentary 1

Commentary 2



Little did she, or I, know that it was in fact he belly of the beast.  Where Empire Avenue members happily attacked others in their private forum.

Where current Empire Avenue Admins and Team Leaders ignore attacks on players, in fact, even participate in them.

Then, trying to engender trust, he pointed out that games needed fair rules, and that the problems made him think of the problems another player, Ajax, was having with mission grading.

I have all these screenshots in prior blogs.

Then, he showed up on my blog, and asserted privacy, for forums of a game open to the general public.

And when I did not agree to that, asserting my rights, he manufactured false allegations. that I was an obvious “paid meat puppet” and continues with overt harassment in conjunction with Gareth Davies & Keith Gill of Empire Avenue leaders.

And some breach of “trust”.

Well, Mr. Sandys, no one trusts a corporation that openly abuses their own customers.

And that shows in Empire Avenues lack of success on the mass market.

Gareth Davies has been attacking other members of Empire Avenue as I have documented.  Empire Avenue has done nothing to stop these attacks, despite thier own Terms of Service prohibiting acts detrimental to other players.

Nance Larson, has even kicked a person out of the forum they paid 100 dollars to belong to, as they reblogged one of my posts.

This is how Chris Sandys rolls, and is part of why my #ImperialAve webisode pictures the characters in a bunker, hunkered down.

It’s entirely of their own making.  I am simply reporting what has occured.

That it resonates with other historical examples of ineptitude, greed and collapses, is funny to me.

Given their name, Empire Avenue, and their ability to consume their own with attacks as they phantom box themselves into oblivion by making false allegations about me, it’s definitely on point.

We will continue to stand up to bullying, as that’s what started the initial inquiry into Empire Avenue.

That the rest of the corruption is in evidence, simply shows why Chris Sandys tried to assert “privacy” for a gaming forum open to the general public for a simple registration.

They have a lot to try to hide.

#SpeakUp to cyber bullying!

Why Empire Avenue treats customers like this remains unknown.

What’s Gareth Davies concern about [X] Bar forum?  That it was public.  Omar Habayeb has since set it back to private.  To protect their secrets, I assume.

This is how Gareth Davies rolls, while Empire Avenue IGNORES bot use of some players.

Why is this tolerated?

@Michelledh is also a player at Empire Avenue.

Why is such a player as Gareth Davies tolerated at Empire Avenue?







Empire Avenue & Their Strange Ways Continue. #CustomerService #EaV #SocialMedia #EmpireAve

Dear Steven J. Healey, @EmpireAve Team Leader


Capture 2



You state you entirely agree with the quote provided.



Why did Empire Avenue Adminstrator/Brand Manager answer at all?  It’s clear that privacy is not respected by Empire avenue, despite their own posting rules and the PIPA legislation that governs Empire Avenue.    They happily abuse who they wish, whenever they wish, and Lynn O’Connell is a straight up liar.

So let me list some problems on Empire Avenue that remain unresolved.

1.  Embracing demonstrably false advertising, with missions still being created as recently as 2 weeks ago that still proclaim the falsehood.

2.  Selling eaves cheaply despite long time customers posting that the cheap eaves sales is harming their business.  Their complaints have no response in the forums.



3.  Allowing leaders and people with agency to harrass, bully and stalk other players.

4.  One particular person, Gareth Davies, has a very long history of harassing players of Empire Avenue, this is documented on my blog, with other people posting here and elsewhere on social media about his attacks and aggression.

Clearly Empire Avenue is aware of Gareth Davies behavior.



5.  The extremely strange theory of “social control” posted on Empire Avenue by Empire Avenue Leader w/ agency, Chris Sandys.  The hostility to customers is palpable.

Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4 Capture5


What I said was that labeling people as “mission thieves” for not meeting Chris Sandys requirements for mission completions can deter mission runners.  Suppose they accidentally failed to complete, or had a good faith reason to not complete a mission that isn’t content they agree with.

Yet, a simple disagreement politely stated is considered aggression by this Leader of Empire Avenue.  He’s very, very strange.

6.  The obvious bot use by multiple players, despite the sticky post stating that EA bans on use of bots.

7.  The lack of an open and transparent environment to discuss the game, as promised when the Empire Avenue Leaders program was run out.

8.  Lack of “support” for many, many people.  People that are customers, and have tickets open for months without a response.

9.  Not enforcing the posting rules in the Empire Avenue Leaders forum itself.  the attacks are plain to see.  And the player attacked notes them.



Dear Kamal, attacking customers is extremely harmful to new member recruitment.  Why has this been happening?



10.  Missions not being downgraded that don’t break the Terms of Service.  Missions that don’t break the terms of service being downgraded.

11.  The obviously contradictory statements by Chris Sandys (Leader w/agency and Nance Larson, Leader, Team Leader).






I have leadership.  I was suspended for reporting false advertisement after Chris Sandys twisted the reason for reporting the false advertising.

Why Mr. Sandys feels false advertising is OK, is beyond my ability to figure out, as his reaction is unreasonable.  But as he continually lies and makes false accusations, this is par for the course for Mr. Sandys.




Why don’t you explain that now, Chris?

Man, Paul Steinbreuck seems prescient!



This is the craziest game open to the general public ever!


We will continue to report on events as the unfold.

PS:  To Chris Sandys.  It’s very clear that you don’t understand the market place.



How’s business for Empire Avenue going?  Badly.

I was talking about the mass market response to Empire Avenue.

You have your own bizarre version of events, and it’s destroying Empire Avenue’s business as seen by a simple look at Alexa.

Capture Capture2



Source:  http://empireav.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/more-lipstick-er-minor-changes-to-eav/


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CorporateHood ~ The Signals

The stock broker was at his desk when the earnings figures for the last quarter came in for a not insignificant company that was instrumental in his portfolio performance.

This corporation had missed their own earnings target by 25 percent, and missed the Streets target by 30.

This was confounding.  The fundamentals of the business were solid.  He had been on a conference call with the CEO and CFO himself and knew they knew what they were about, and trusted them.

But, the signals were off.  And earnings were way down.  They should be able to prosper in their market.  In face, they were the market.  There were no similar competitors.

Why wasn’t the business working?

He couldn’t make sense of it.

His head started to buzz, and he felt a familiar longing deep in his bones.  The sensation traveling up, and he knew it would only get worse.

He needed a drink.  Just one, just enough to take the edge off so he could concentrate.

He closed his door, not noticing the look of abject frustration on his secretary’s face.

She quickly picked up the phone and called the person she had been instructed to call when such things happen.

With a resigned sigh, the person on the line noted the time, and made a note to visit the stock brokers office in 5 minutes.  Or send someone.

She picked up the phone, calling the stock brokers supervisor.

The supervisor picked up a file, and meandered through the halls on the way to see the now relieved stock broker.

He entered the room, and asked that the particular holding in the file he held be re-examined for systemic risk as their earnings were down as well.

The stock broker nodded affirmatively, and looked away.

His supervisor left, looking back, and, having noted the smell on the mans breath,  made the necessary notations on his personnel file.

They were carefully going through the steps.

The stock broker would have been fired long ago, but for his “friends” in high places.  So they had to be very, very careful before giving him his pink slip.

Soon, soon.  He was tired of double checking all the work this stock broker was doing.

Who Is Steven J. Healey? @EmpireAve Team Leader #EaV #SocialMedia #CustomerService

Steven J. Healey bills himself on his @twitter account, @Stevenhealey as,



Steven is a player on Empire Avenue, and has paid the $100.00 to be a Leader in control of marketing and other aspects of Empire Avenue, Inc.

In fact he is a Team Leader, as he readily acknowledges.

Why a Team Leader of a corporation would retweet the following, is quite astonishing.

Apparently Mr. Healey does not intend to honor the Leaders program, that applies to all leaders, not just the few that Nance Larson seeks to refer to.








This is simply indicative of how Empire Avenue, Inc. has been treating customers.

It seems in their world, you can spend your money, but do not complain or ask for customer service, or report obvious cyber bullying being conducted by other leaders in their forums.

The abuse seems sytemic to me at this point.

Mr. Healey is also an ambassador of the Respect Network.

Given Mr. Healey’s lack of respect for honest dissent, critique and criticism, one wonders if the Respect Network is ably served by Mr. Healey.

We have contacted the Respect Network for comment, and await response.

Meanwhile Empire Avenue sinks like a stone on Alexa rankings.



According to Nance Larson, Empire Avenue Team Leader, this is how they want to run it.  And that includes attacks on their own customers.

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