CowboysxBones Joins the Krew ~ The Stevie Chronicles

There we were at Stanislaus State playing our set in the quad when a bomb walked in.

Rick had left the Krew, having gotten a job at McDonald’s as the fry guy, so we were back down to 3.

I digress.

The Bomb walked in and sat down to watch the show.

Stevie asked for a break, and we reset the playlist.



We started playing Kiss Me Deadly as Stevie was smitten!




To our surprise the Bomb sang back “Our Lips Are Sealed”.



And the Battle of the Band and The Bomb was on!  Lili joined The Bomb as a sign of female solidarity!

The Bomb Sings



Not giving up, we fired up Bang A Gong by Ol’ T. Rex.



The ladies scoffed at that, and offered up Sweet Dreams.



The Bomb Sings



Thinking fast, we switched to Centerfield!




The ladies, knowing their Fogerty fired up with Don’t You Wish It Was True.


The Bomb Sings



Sensing eminent defeat in the battle, we fired off Glycerine!



The Ladies teased back with I Know What Boys Like.

The Bomb Sings



Whereupon we fainted.

And that’s how Cowboys joined the #Krew after they revived us.



Who Made Who ~ The #Krew Music Review With You Know Who

Hint:  It’s @Stevieboylan

Hi Stevie, what are you doing?




Oh.  Well as you are moving to Australia soon, we would like to quiz you on the greatest Australian band, ever.

Who Made Who?



Stevie ~ Thinking


Who is Thunderstruck?


Soooo Thunderstruck



What great Australian band are we talking about?





How NOT to Grow Your Business In The #SocialMedia Environment

I read an article entitled, “Social Media Influencer Marketing: How to Grow Your Business,” and found some great tips.

I would like to add that it’s important for businesses to know what Influencers are already their customers and that they should probably not bully them or allow them to be bullied by their other customers, leaders, or agents that fail to declare their agency.

If that is allowed to happen, and it gets reported and disseminated across social media, that’s probably a surefire way on how NOT to grow your business.

Especially IF your core business IS social media, as Empire Avenue’s business is.

Now that Gareth Davies has confirmed he did indeed attack Michael Q Todd in the Empire Avenue forums one wonders why the person who tried to report the attack and bullying (me) has been attacked and bullied.

This is not the action of an ethical and responsible Corporation, especially in the regulatory environment that we all exist in, I believe.




As Mr. Sandys made false allegations when he came to my blog to comment, ignoring my Disclosure Statement, and on @Twitterand continues to as recently  9/7/2014….










…one wonders what Mr. Sandys holds against reporting attacks on the Empire Avenue forums that violated Empire Avenue’s forum posting guidelines.

I certainly have never published detailed financials about Empire Avenue in any case. I do not possess such records to publish.

One wonders why Mr. Sandys doesn’t seem to recognize blogging as journalism and continues to make false allegations.

I only went public after Empire Avenue moderators failed to moderate to their own posted guidelines, and allowed attacks to continue.

Or why Empire Avenue treats customers and paying customers in such horrible ways.

California does recognize bloggers as journalists thanks to a recent 9th circuit court decision, and has passed a recent law addressing companies trying to ban reviews, so I’m going to have to proceed with the reporting on Empire Avenue.

Those blogs may continue to be shared on @klout and other social media content aggregators and disseminated.

Then the public at large can read and decide if Empire Avenue is a game they would like to play.

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The Longest Time ~ The Satire & Parody News Desk

This little song parody goes out to Sandy Vagina and ManBearPig.

Oh, oh, oh
For the longest time
Oh, oh, oh
For the longest time
You tried to say goodbye online
There are still stories left to write
What else could I do
You guys are newsworthy as I told you
Now your story is being spread far and wide

Once I thought your ability to reason was…
Now you know that Influencer Marketing goes on
That’s where you found me
When you tried to stamp out dissent online
I hadn’t seen that for the longest time

Oh, oh, oh
For the longest time
Oh, oh, oh
For the longest time
I’m writing the #news stories you’re reading in the Fall
And the greatest miracle of all
Is how I told you
And how you didn’t listen
That hasn’t happened for the longest time

Maybe this won’t last very long
But you feel so wrong
And I know I am right
Maybe you’ve been hoping too hard
But I’ve gone this far
And there’s more content by far

Who knows how much further we’ll go on
I’ll take my chances
I forgot how nice romance is
I haven’t been there for the longest time
I had second thoughts at the start
I said to myself
They are fair minded at heart
Now I know the people that you are
You’re great content so far
And it’s not what I hoped for

I told you that I was blogging
In California that is a protected category, Free Speech
You have acted so bad
I think you ought to know that
I intend to write about you
For the longest time


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A Birthday Poem

Today is Vera Von Monika’s birthday.

So I did a fun webisode…

36 ~ Happy Birthday



And will play a little music…



And have offered to write a poem.

Vera has chosen 3 subjects, Birthday, love and champagne.

Let’s see what comes of it.


Haute Couture
Dance on the Floor
A Birthday Bash
Bubbly in France

Open A Bottle
Spill the Champagne
Darnit Portugal
Doesn’t Rhyme with Spain!

Love On the Rocks
Aimer Mon Ami
Happy Birthday to Thee
From Little Old Me

Happy Birthday.

On Agendas

I must admit it’s a very strange thing to be accused of an “agenda” by a man who has made false accusations about me, ignored my Disclosure Statement, and finally revealed the extent of his authority by telling me “they” say I should sue.

Mr. Sandys is now deleting tweets, though the original link is documented on my blog.


You can see that he has deleted the tweets, as the link may still be followed from my blog, but is no longer hotlinked as an embedded tweet.

And the tweets are documented in the video below.








Actually I have Mr. Kaelin’s permission to use his image in my #Romae webisode.


Actually, the KaDoh! Institute was dreampt up as a satirical blog category after talking to Mr. Kaelin last August or so.


Mr.  Kaelin declined participation in The KaDoh! Institute at that time.

I later created #Romae and asked Mr. Kaelin if he would like to particpate as I developed #Romae and recalled he rather enjoyed a toga picture that I had created.

He then accepted, and gave permission for me to use his image in my #Romae webisode.

So once again, Mr. Sandys is wrong.  He seems to be quite good at being wrong.

Capture Capture2



Mr. Sandy’s problem seems to be that he guessed, instead of actually reading my Disclosure Statement.




And continues to ignore my Disclosure Statement.



I have not published detailed financials on EA.  I have had extensive conversations with Admins, and published some conversations, but not the conversations that were identified as off the record.

It is clear from Mr. Sandys own actions and final admission that “they” said I should sue that he has agency for Empire Avenue, Inc.

Why he would not disclose that for months, I have no idea.

It is also clear that Mr. Sandys is a public persona, having served as a spokesman for his employer Belpointe Asset Management before on prior press enquiries.



While Mr. Sandys claims my blogs serve no legitimate purpose, they have been shared by @klout and are of great interest to a great many people and are definitely newsworthy on the merits.

It is doubly strange, as Gareth Davies has admitted to attacking Michael Q. Todd on the Empire Avenue forums, and that is why I started blogging about Empire Avenue in the first place.



The following blogs have been shared by content aggregator, Klout.

On EA Leaders Forum, Leadership Groups & Secret Admins @EmpireAve #socialmedia #EaV –

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Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew #EaV #EmpireAve #Klout @EmpireAve –

Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew #EaV #EmpireAve #Klout @EmpireAve –

Copper State Communications

Cracking the #Klout Code? I think not. #SocialMedia Advertising

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@DigitalKeith Responds ~ Organic #SocialMedia Tips & Hints

Cracking the #Klout Code? I think not. –

I am saddened that a USAF Academy graduate would act as he has.


Service Alberta Consumer Complaints

I have contacted Service Alberta at 780-427-4088 and discussed the Empire Avenue matter with them as recommended on their “Filing A Consumer Complaint” webpage.

The officer recommended filing a complaint, and I have done so.

Service Alberta has acknowledged receipt of the complaint at this time.

I have been advised that the agent assigned should reach a determination on the initial filing within 2 to 3 weeks.



Not Enough Levee In Your Stevie?

What’s happening my main Ginger, Stevie?

Mr. Announcer


Have you heard Meresha’s cover of Rock & Roll by the way?





It’s a bit odd that Wooly Booly is your sound sytem.

Anyway, what if I told you that you could be just like Robert Plant?

Since you are going to be an Immigrant, this would be quite a boon for you as you move to Australia!







Imagine yourself in this luxury, custom Kashmir cashmere sweater!





You can reach the Stairway to Heaven with this custom Robert Plant wig o’ major rocker ‘tude!





Does it make you wonder how much this all costs?



We will get the Led out and ship it immediately!

Another fulfilled customer!


Trinidad Islander ~ The Satire & Parody News Desk

I am @KatyanRoach’s 600th follower on Twitter.  And she DM’d me thanks and said she had been looking forward to that milestone.

Since I happen to enjoy milestones, I offered to write her a parody to any song she wanted to choose.

And she has choses Girl On Fire ~ Alicia Keys.

So let’s give this a try.


She’s just a girl and she’s from the lovely island

Hotter than a fantasy, social media is her scene
She’s living in a world and it’s on fire
Filled with steel drum beat, but she knows she stand the heat

Ohhhh oh oh oh oh
She got both feet on the ground
And she’s dancing around
Ohhhh oh oh oh oh
She got her head in the clouds
And she’s not backing down

This girl is on fire…
This girl is on fire…
She’s walking on fire…
This girl is on fire…

Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame
So bright, you can’t avert your eyes
Can’t look the other way
You can try but you’ll never forget her name
She’s on top of the world
Hottest of the hottest girls say

Ohhhh oh oh oh
We got our feet on the ground
And we’re burning it down
Ohhhh oh oh oh oh
Got our head in the clouds
And we’re not coming down

She’s a Trinidad Islander
This girl is on fire…
She’s walking on fire…
This girl is on fire…

Everybody stares, as she grooves by
‘Cause they can see the ambition that’s in her eyes
Watch her when she’s lighting up the night
Everbody knows that she’s an Island Queen
And it’s her world now
But she gon’ let it burn, baby, burn, baby

This girl is on fire…
This girl is on fire…
She’s walking on fire…
Let’s hear from the choir

Oh, oh, oh, oh ohhhhh oh oh oh ohhh oh oh oh ohhhh… [4x]

She’s just a girl and she’s a Trinidad Islander






Not Enough BeefEater In Your Stevie?


What with the troubles and all I think we ought to attempt a reconciliation with the Crown.

What do you say?



What if we offered you one Beefeater hat?

Lord save me


Oh, so that offer is off the table.  What if we offered one London Bridge?

(*Not to scale, and not for sale).



Ok, well I guess we can agree that Kate has it going on!

Women Troubles


Sorry about your woman troubles, laddie.  We will be working on our next great product!