Krew News! All The News To Kollaborate To!

Tali “IcePack” Jackson, a wonderful blues artist, wants to collaborate with me on his next album.

Tali has played with Bob Dylan, The Monkees, Bette Midler and many others, and is a truly talented musician.

We are gonna make a billion ruples.  And I am definitely pro ruples!


Elise Muller, actress in Parenthood, joins the cast of #Romae, and will appear in the next published webisode.

@Fancienanc, Hollywood agent, introduced me to Elise.




Lili is writing her blog as we speak to recount her wonderful Saturday with @ameliaceja at CejaWinery.

The trip was interrupted by the Napa earthquake, and Lili made it home safely on Sunday.

Amelia and her family were ok, but sustained some damage to their store, and had to immediately tend to the grapes as well.


Andy Dodd is getting ready for the premiere of Call of the Revenant on September 14.


Meresha has released Vida on video.

She’s a greatly talented singer, and continues to put out excellent music!


Eva Acharya has entered a super short into #Tropfest!  Actually 2 shorts.

And another production, Under The Emu Sky is screening at a film festival in Darwin in November.

She is also giving away a signed copy of In Strange Company.   I have entered the drawing!


Stevie has a new computer!

Cowboys is still flexible.

Stop staring at her tush!



And Koustave is doing Koustave stuff.  Nothing illicit but he’s a quiet guy and I’m not supposed to tell.

eHay otewray ayay ookbay andyay isyay akingtay ivilcay ervicesay examsyay


“I Don’t Shine If You Don’t Shine”

On @CopperStateComm #SocialMedia Sales Advertising Falsehoods

Copper State Communications is a Telecom company located in and apparently serving the Arizona area.

Their employee, Keith Gill wrote most of the words in this article, Influencer Marketing & Klout: Propel Your LinkedIn Publishing which is demonstrably false.  The article is hosted on Sales 4 Life and the credited author is Jamie Shanks.


If you need proof that we “crowdsource” our content from clients, their sales professionals and our channel partners, this is an amazing example!

Most of the words from this blog are from Keith Gill, the social selling rock star from our client, Copper State Communications.


I have advised the good people at Sales 4 Life that the advertisement is false, as @kloutsupport has refuted the “tips”, but the article remains posted.







Sales 4 Life continues to censor true and correct information that I post on their blog.

As I blogged yesterday, Copper State Communcations employee turned me into Comcast for harassment.

That was easily taken care of, and the Comcast techs later inquired if I had received any further email communications from that person.



I have not since I placed his domain in my spam bucket.

When I told Mr. Gill that I blogged on consumer advocacy (and consumer affairs) issues this was his response.



But the person has trolled me on my blog, and across social media.




And the false advertising content remains posted.

As a result of this, I will be contacting the relevant authorities at Copper State Communications to try to resolve this present difficulty.

Comcasts response has been professional, and beats expectations for customer service.

If you need internet or phone service in Arizona I recommend Comcast or SBC.



I am no fan, and continue to believe that honest, organic communication is the way to grow your social media accounts.

And I must admit it’s rather astonishing to be trolled by an employee of a telecommunications company after I asked him not to contact me anymore, and he knew I had blocked him on social media.


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National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day!

And of course the pertinent question is, “Who let the dogs out?”




My friend Mott came up with this picture.




I am pretty sure I agree with the dog!  #Woof!

Fresno State has a return matchup, and a rather tough one with USC this Saturday in Los Angeles.

It’s time to Awaken The Nation!  (Thanks Georgia Bulldogs for the awesome video.)

The #Fresno Road Show is on the road!


Daily Good Cheer Award 2

The Daily Good Cheer Award ~ @Dups! #EmpireAve

Today’s Daily Good Cheer Award goes to Duleepa Wijayawardhana aka Dups!

Dups came out with a strongly worded statement on the EA Leaders forum condemning bullying and other strange occurences on Empire Avenue.

I consider it a travesty that I had to report publically on what is occuring, as reaching out to support and moderation did not help at an earlier time.

As we started our reporting due to bullying that we were witnessing on Empire Avenue, and have subsequently reported on that continuing bullying, and other issues encountered, such as Empire Avenue being used to promote false advertising, we take this as a positive sign!

We hope that Dups will take a continued interest in what is occuring at Empire Avenue.


Daily Good Cheer Award 2



Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch #Krew (#Wine Krew Too!)

Sunday Morning & All Is Well
A Rumbler Up
In Napa, Do Tell

Lili On #Wine Voyage
Living Life
Bon Vivant

Special guest
of Amelia Ceja
Wine Trip, Extravagante!


Lili and a friend drove up to Napa yesterday at the invitation of Amelia Ceja, owner of Ceja Vineyards.

She attended a festival in Napa and a special wine tasting at Ceja Vineyards and will be blogging about her trip after her return home on Monday.

I’d like to thank Amelia for her gracious invitation, as I know that Lili is having a wonderful time, earthquake notwithstanding.

I am unsure how the earthquake will affect todays itinerary, and I assume they are playing it by ear up there.

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Include Leaders in Your Strategy-Making

Originally posted on Cperky's Blog:

Waiting until your strategic plan is perfect before presenting it to a leader for review renders her practically useless. Seek real input, not a pat on the back. Ask your leader early on whether there’s a different way she would frame the strategy problem. Then go back with the possible solutions and ask her if you’re overlooking anything. Return a third time when you have reverse-engineered the possibilities to determine what you believe would and wouldn’t work.

See if your leader can come up with other scenarios in which you could test them. Doing this helps you avoid tunnel vision, gets the leader excited about the strategy, and results in a more productive process and outcome.

Adapted from “Help Leaders Be Less Useless at Strategy” by Roger Martin.

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The Stevie Chronicles ~ Historical Background of Clan Boylan

It seems I was mistaken.

I have reported that Stevie’s ancestors were turning back Viking invaders by sharing some beer with them.

Clan Boylan Crest, Family Heirloom & Beer Stein, Clan Boylan Family Beard also Pictured



Apparently Boylan is not an Irish name. It’s of Viking origin.

So while some of Stevie’s ancestors were turning away invaders, others may have been boinking them.

Such is life.

Viking Invaders



And that’s how the Boylans came to be Irish.  They found themselves a right bonnie lassie, and offered her their spigot.

And she partook, and the Boylan O’ Clan Boylan Clan was formed!

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