On The @EmpireAve [X] Bar Community #SocialMedia #EmpireAve #EaV

It’s astonishing.  Apparently one has to be a minion of Empire Avenue or they will attack you viciously.

If you merely suggest that they moderate in a fair and even handed manner Chris Sandys shows up, and cyber bullies you.




Clearly he seems to forget that he himself revealed that Ulf Hedlund was allowed back into the game after being banned for harassment.




So,while people in the X Bar Group on Facebook was busy referring players TO Ulf Hedlund for whatever reason, recently, you can see how concerned Administrator Lynn O’Connell is about that type of harasssing behavior.




I have no idea what is “lol” worthy about referring a new player of a game you play to a known harasser.

Source:  (You need to be a registered member of empire avenue to view the link. )



No one who has an original thought is allowed at Empire Avenue!  You must march as a minion to their beat, or you will be cyber bullied by the person that, “deal(s) with your ill-mannered brats.”  (Chris Sandys, employee of Belpointe Asset Management)



Thanks for the prize, guys.   My (e)sqrl rap is pretty popular, as are the fun posts I have written about various Empire Avenue players I have met on EA.

The networking potential on Empire Avenue is high, but only if you don’t dare express a non company approved opinion.

I just can’t stand by and watch people be cyber bullied right on Empire Avenue.  I tried to address it privately, but was ignored by Administrators as I made those reports.

And instead was cyber bullied.  Since their Administrators don’t seem to care about that, you can see what type of organization Empire Avenue is.

I have no idea why Chris is concerned about a “collaboration” between a game player who has become friends with the CEO at all.

This is social media after all and having real relationships with people is true, organic communication.

Chris Sandys,  is the most anti social person involved with social media that I have ever met.

“I get to deal with your ill-mannered brats.” ~ Chris Sandys



This sounds like a confession of intent to cyber harass and cyber bully to me.

I guess I will have to see what the CT Attorney General has to say.





I started out reporting on cyber bullying, and have been bullied by Chris Sandys ever since.

The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.


@EmpireAve Has No Clue What Free Speech, Art & Free Use Is. #SocialMedia #News #EaV #EmpireAve

But WordPress Support does.




Secret Empire Administrator Robby Ball invited me back to G+ today, so I reregistered.

But they already suspended me.

Who is running the show over there?

There are to many chiefs and secret chiefs, in the kitchen.

It’s a crazy game, with poor communication and customer service.

I have no idea why I’d be suspended after an invitation back from an Administrator.

I have filed with support, again!



I created my new account, hooked up my networks, and bought some players and blam.  They suspended me.

And they unsuspended me!  But removed all my networks.  Apparently they don’t recognize Free speech, satire, parody, art and free use provisions that are universally recognized by civil authorities.

Empire Avenue thinks they are an island unto themselves, able to police the whole of the internet from their tiny headquarters in Alberta, Canada.

My avatar they allege is a copyright violation is a work of art.

The support desk at Empire Avenue has no knowledge of the law or ability to moderate anything.  The only “support” they provide is outright abuse.


Header ~ 6 ~ Saturday




So while WordPress support fairly applies the law and their rules, Empire Avenue “support” is just an abusive operation.

So while Chris Sandys and Gareth Davies are free to cyber bully across the width and breadth of social media, the great medium of art is not recognized by the cretins at Empire Avenue.

Have you no shame, Empire Avenue?  After all this time, have you no shame?

I award them zero Stevie’s.

Artists Rendition

On EA Leaders Forum, Leadership Groups & Secret Admins @EmpireAve #socialmedia #EaV #EmpireAve #Klout

Three days ago I joined a Leadership work group that was created after EA changed the nature of the EA Leaders forum, unilaterally, on EA from a place where EA Leaders could discuss actually leading the company to only being about the actual package sold by Empire Avenue.

This change happened soon after the EA Leaders package went on sale on or about 4/2/2014.

A thread was started by Chris Voss, wherein he discussed the change.  

Empire Avenue Admin Richard Townsend responded, referring to the EA Leaders as a “customer advisory board.”

Chris Voss


Strangely enough the work group I joined had not had any activity for 2 months.

The Group Leader, Steven Healey, is a contributing author on the Empire Avenue blog.

I posted, and haven’t received a response, as yet.

Please note the content is heavily redacted as it potentially represents work product.

The screenshots are shown to show actual activity level in the forums Empire Avenue presented when they repurposed the EA Leaders Community.

Workgroup 2 Workgroup 1

Workgroup 3


I posted again today, clarifying that I still possess the intangible asset known commonly as “EA Leader.”

I suppose I shall just lead from here, and in that group, as I try to bring positive change to what seems to be a strange culture.

You see, soon after Empire Avenue advertised their Leadership package in their post entitled, “Announcing the Next Phase of Empire Avenue.” the following:




The pupose of the EA Leaders forum was changed, and people were directed to work groups to participate.

As you can see, the communications group I joined 2 days ago has had no action for 2 months.

A new forum was also created.  By a secret Admin, Robby Ball.


I downloaded my chat archive from Facebook as well, and am maintainin the file.




Why a business has an undeclared Administrator (also Brand Manager), I have no idea.

It seems rather difficult to have any input on a product that you were promised when the efforts are divided, then sub-divided again.

Rather than in the forum that you actually paid for, to utilize the product that was sold to you.

Anyone on EA can join Robby Ball’s forum and talk all they want.  There’s just no guarantee the Admins will bother to read or respond to your suggestions.

As an EA Leader, I assume most EA Leaders want the product they were sold.  I know I did.

I will respond to Gareth here, as he responded in the former Chairmans new thread that was recently posted.

Dups Dups 2


Obviously Empire Avenue has no intent to enforce their new rules as stated by Dups even handedly.

Gareth Davies, responded in Dups thread.



1.  No, I did not phone a members workplace to complain about them.  I did fax a complaint to an employer of a member here, as the false advertising he was running missions on, and was even confirmed false by @kloutsupport.

This after the member trolled me here on my blog., and on Empire Avenue.  


The advertising itself is posted on Sales 4 Life, and notes Keith Gill as a sales rock star for his employer, Copper State Communications in Arizona.

@Klout has shared those blogs.

Keith Gill, after calling me a #Manbearpig in comments on my blog, and on Twitter, turned me in for a DCMA takedown after i satirized him.   He laughed at the post on instagram, so I am unsure why he is bothered by it.

He reported the Koffee Klatch Krew blog.

WordPress, being a wonderfully run company has not taken down my satirical blogs.

This is excellent customer service in action.



2.  I have made several blog posts as I blog on consumer affairs issues.  Imagine that.  Empire Avenue is valid content.  As they continue to exhibit the worst in social meda and customer service.

Imagine suspending the person that told them one of their own was running false advertising.  And PROVED it.  That’s what Empire Avenue has done.

3.  I started blogging about the bullying I saw.  That had no place on Empire Avenue.  As a consequence I have been bullied by other people, including you, Gareth.

I did not take a side.

My first blog noted the BULLYING that we had observed on Empire Avenue.  



4.  Why isn’t the new policy being followed where I am concerned?  No naming?  This just continues to show evidence that Empire Avenue DOES NOT enforce their own Terms and Service in a fair and equitable manner.

Why can’t Gareth read plainly spoken english?

5.  Gareth is the person that posted my name on G+, and an obvious troll and cyber bully.  Even tweeting Lili after you posted it on 3 threads on G+.


I note that it’s strange you admit to being a cyber bully, Gareth.

6.  If there is an argument between other members about other items, after Charles Garcia posted the “Cleaning Up the Avenue” the posts you made should not have been made.  And that’s what started all this.

That argument should not have been carried out in the forums, according to the Terms of Service and new intent announced.

So for anyone keeping score, @klout shared my content, WordPress didn’t take it down, but Empire Avenue seems to have an approved cyber bully running around loose.

“I get to deal with your ill-mannered brats.” ~ Chris Sandys




Uhh, I reported cyber bullying, and was bullied by Mr. Sandys.


My advice to Mr. Sandys would be not to guess in the future.



Is Filing With Regulatory Agencies A “Threat” & Privacy “Nefarious”? @EmpireAve #EaV #SocialMedia #EmpireAve




Chris Sandys


This was posted in the n  X Bar Community on Facebook.

This would be the same X Bar group that Chris Sandys recently bullied Yvonne Roga in.




And another player referred a new player to Ulf Hedlund.  Ulw  was previously banned for harassment but was let back on the game.




The banning of Ulf Hedlund was confirmed by Chris Sandys.




Ihave no idea why Mr. Sandys describes affairs as he has.  It’s as if he doesn’t realize I was banned for blogging about cyber bullying, much of which he did.

It’s obvious that “support” isn’t support at all, but is simply biased, as they couldn’t even respond intelligibly to me before when they made so many false assertions that it was hysterically funny.  And they didn’t know that my account was registered as a business account.

Supports prior acts are why I recommened a community manager be hired by Empire Avenue.

That is why I explained fully what steps I would be taking to Support.  So they would know what is going on.  I basically intend to file with the SEC, and any other regulatory agencies that have jurisidiction.

This is what consumer affairs bloggers do.  It’s strange Empire Avenue coddles bullies, but there you have it.

So I will simply be exercising my rights, and filing, and reporting on what I am doing so other people can learn how to navigate the regulatory thicket that exists.

The full, unedited ticket for your viewing pleasure.


Support 1 Support 2 Support 3 Support 4


It’s strange that a straight up documetedcyber bully, Chris Sandys,  thinks filing complaints with regulatory agencies is a “threat” and another Empire Avenue player thinks utilizing guaranteed privacy under the California constitution a “nefarious” deed.

It really makes you wonder who on earth is in charge at Empire Avenue.



Actually, the fact that I will be filing with the SeC is at the encouragement of Donna Buckley of the CT Department of Banking as regards the conduct of a particular person.

The State of California guarantees my anonymity in the state constitution.




But reporting on cyber bullying occuring at Empire Avenue?  That’s a no-no.

I guess I’d like to ask these social media experts to analyze their actions against the other 99.999999 percent of the world that do not play Empire Avenue.

How many want to spend $100.00 for leadership, or additional funds to play such a game?

The initial promises on 4/2/2014, as posted on Empire Avenue’s blog.



I’d like to thank whoever visited my blog to provide that screenshot to Mr. Sandys, and remind everyone that I started blogging on the cyber bullying I was witnessing on Empire Avenue, and in the X Bar group on Facebook.

The very group that Mr. Sandys and Omar are now speaking about “threats” and “nefarious” deeds in.  For wishing to pursue a regulatory remedy to my bullying by Mr. Sandys.

It’s a crazy mixed up world.

I keep hoping I will just be restored, and the game run cleanly and fairly.






Strangely enough Chris tweeted here that he was helping everyone by causing my stock price to drop.  That’s odd as he hurt my shareholders, and the game Terms of Service prohibit such manipulation of the game.

PS:  To Belpointe Asset Management Compliance Officer:  I filed with the CA Attorney General’s office BEFORE Gareth Davies published my name on G+, and before Chris Sandys posted it in the X Bar group on Facebook.

So much has happened since my initial complaint that I can’t believe it.



I’m still astounded that this could happen in a game based on SOCIAL media.

“I get to deal with your ill-mannered brats.” ~ Chris Sandys

 “Too many people are afraid to hold others accountable for bad manners and practices.” ~ Chris Sandys


Uhh, blogger.  Like I told you at first.   blogged about bullying on Empire Avenue, got bullied and documented it.

I am not a “paid meat puppet.”



“See through you like cellophane.”



Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew #EaV #EmpireAve #Klout @EmpireAve

Sunday Morning All Is Well
Corporate Pirates
Expose Their Soft Shell

Blog About False Advertising
The Corporate Pirates
Cry Incessantly

Blog About Cyber Bullying
Corporate Pirates
Are Heard to Scream

Run A Clean Operation?
Not Them

They Hide From The Light
Under Bridge

They Suck Their Custom
Adult Pacifiers
Embracing Their Toddlerism

Klout 2


The Trolls A Fear
Of Ethical
Business Operations

While We Blog
Real World Occurences



Strangely enough Empire Avenue support once again suspended me.




Since I certainly have not trolled anyone, and am blogging about false advertising and trolling by Copper State Communications employee Keith Gill, and actual cyber bullying by Mr. Chris Sandys, employee of Belpoint Asset Management & an EA Leader,  I simply cannot begin to imagine what Empire Avenue thinks the intent of their service is.

@Klout themselves thinks my content is worthy, as they have shared much of the content.  This, while Empire Avenue embraces the creator and distributor of false advertising.

Source:  #klout hashtag




Blog Shares


So, if you wish to embrace crony capitalism, Empire Avenue is the place to be.  If you like truth, probably not so much.




Banned for lack of trust, because I dared to report publically on cyber bullying and false advertising after Empire Avenue admins continued to let it occur, ignoring my private entreaties.

And these so called EA Leaders have continued to bully people in the now private X Bar group on Facebook.  The X Bar group is composed of Empire Avenue players, and administrators and EA Leaders refer people to previously banned Ulf Hedlund, for I do not know what.

Mr. Chris Sandys revealed on this blog that Ulf had been suspended for harassment.  But was allowed back.



So while Mr. Chris Sandys happily bullies others in the X Bar group and elsewhere, it’s the person reporting those actions that stands suspended.





Empire Avenue’s support is clearly hostile to consumer affairs reporting, and it’s clear they fear the light of honest reporting of what happens in Empire Avenue, and around Empire Avenue on social media channels.

We shall continue with our reporting, as it’s clear Empire Avenue gives not a whit about fair ane ethical business practices, or treating their good, honest consumers fairly and ethically.

And as they are a corporation, located in Alberta, Canada, they are definitely worth blogging about.

You would think they would be concerned about the false advertising and cyber bullying by Mr. Chris Sandys, but I guess that’s not so, and after several months reporting on on their actions, they remain in good stead at Empire Avenue.

There has been no response for support as to the specific “trolling” or other false allegations that Empire Avenue support made.


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On Transparency & Game Rules @EmpireAve #Eav #EmpireAve #SocialMedia

It’s very strange that a private inquiry to an Administrator and Brand Manager of Empire Avenue would lead to me being blocked by another Administrator and Brand Manager, but that has happened.

Last night I noted that the (e)EaVLeaders account which is managed by 4 Administrators had created an “invest” mission in one of their fellow administrators during the “pie” event.

I am not sure how the (e)EavLeaders account is funded, but I assume as it’s the brand managers account they have virtually unlimited eaves.

In fact of the 3 promoted missions at that moment, 1 by (e)EavLeaders and the other by another admin, 2 pointed to invest missions in the third, unnamed admin.

I have no problem with the other admin creating an invest mission for the other admin as long as it’s his own funds creating the mission, and not funds given to him by Empire Avenue.

The third promoted mission is by the beneficiary of the two other missions and points to a third mission.



I discussed this with another admin, and had the following discussion.

The heavily redacted area is an off the record discussion, otherwise names have been redacted.




(EA)Leaders has indeed run more “invest” missions for various players.

But the potential for stock manipulation and the perception of how it looks (others have commented to me) is negative for Empire Avenue in light of their Terms of Service and Mission Statement.

I didn’t write Empire Avenue’s Terms of Service, they did.

Obviously the question is relevant as we, the members of Empire Avenue cannot determine which Administrator created the mission, nor know why, unless you ask.

As the Terms of Service prohibits manipulating game scores, running an invest mission with company funds for your personal account could easily be considered just that.

I recommend that (E)EaVLeaders not create any invest missions in their personal accounts to stop any appearance or potential appearance of impropriety.

That a Brand Manager and Admin would block me for merely enquiring speaks to a lack of transparency and professionalism, quite frankly.







A Lovely Visit With Amelia Ceja, President of Ceja Vineyards #Wine

In the latter part of July, I was introduced on Twitter to Amelia Ceja, President of Ceja Vineyards.  Ceja Vineyards is a family operated Winery in Carneros Valley, California.

I had heard lovely things about Amelia , her Winery and Tasting room in Napa from TV correspondent Lori Moreno.

At the mere mention of my desire to visit Ceja Vineyards, Amelia issued a personal invitation to come and visit, while learning about the business , its delightful owners and the exceptional employees of this remarkable family business.

Within a week of that invitation,  Amelia called me and invited me to come visit on Saturday, August 23, 2014. I was honored and deeply grateful for this opportunity.

Amelia went on to explain to me, that this would be the last day she had available to personally allow me to ” shadow her” as she served her wine to guests at the Downtown Napa Blues and Brews festival.

After that event, I headed with Amelia to their winery in Carneros, where Amelia was hosting a benefit for a Liberian village in Africa.  This year the goal was to build a school in that village. In 5 hours, the charity raised about $ 30,000 to build that school.

At last year’s event, the same group was able to raise enough money to bring fresh water to this same village.

We started the day with lunch date , in which Amelia gave me her story. What a story it is.

At age 12, Amelia immigrated to Napa Valley to pick grapes in the vineyard alongside her parents. At that time she spoke no English, so she was placed in a special education class.
That was a common practice that many years ago. Not only did she learn English that year; she also met her future husband, Pedro, who was in the same class as Amelia.

This was the beginning of a very important socioeconomic development in California agricultural industry.   Amelia and Pedro met Cesar Chavez, Founder of United Farm Workers.  This is the man Amelia calls her Hero, and adds that he , along with her parents are her truest heroes.

Not only did Amelia learn English , she excelled in school, and went on to UC San Diego, where she graduated with 2 degrees in 1980.
During that time, she and Pedro married and started a family. In 1999, Amelia, Pedro and family members Armando and Martha , first-generation Mexican-American immigrants, founded Ceja Vineyard and Ceja Winery.

Armando is the winemaker and earned his degree in Enology at UC Davis.  Amelia is President and was also the first woman President of the California Wine Board.

In the past 15 years, they have developed and expanded the business. While doing so they have been dedicated not only to good wine , but to sustainable agriculture and a commitment to raise wages and provide excellent benefits for the employees of this company, who they view as family.

Pedro, Amelia, Armando and Martha are making excellent wines, while honoring the environment and compensating well their employees.This is their daily goal; to make the world a better place and to make the finest wines, that which Amelia calls, “Liquid Art.”

And yes, the wines are exceptional. While Amelia was serving wine in front of her tasting room to festival celebrants, she encouraged me to start tasting each of 8 wines they were pouring at their tasting room.
I started with a trio of whites. First, a 2011 Sauvignon Blanc.  I was enchanted.  The crisp aroma of lemon & lime yielded to a faint grapefruit scent. The palate was tart and crisp. At $22 a bottle, it’s very drinkable.

My 2nd pick was the 2011 Ceja Chardonnay. The bouquet is fragrant with hints of Apple pear and citrus. The palate is fresh, crisp and creamy. At $ 34 a bottle, a real treat.

My final white was ” dessert and apertif” wine. It is called 2008 Dulce Beso. It retails at $ 40 a bottle. Such a great aroma, with noire of white peach, tropical essences and a sweet citrusy finish which is in my opinion, an almost irresistible palate that echoes the strength of the bouquet. They currently make 650 cases a year. It is aged for 14 months in French barrels and the grapes were 94% Sauvignon bland and 6 % semillion. The high sugar content is easily tasted but it is not syrupy. Absolutely, even though I really liked the other 2 whites, Dulce Beso stole my heart and my palate.

As we moved on the benefit at the winery, we were happily fed some of the best paella I have ever eaten. And, I got to really taste the 5 dynamic reds that were being poured. First start was the 2010 Ceja Merlot. Incredibly fruity with hints of chocolate , raspberry and spice.  At $ 34 a bottle, a real treat.

The 2nd red pour was a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon. The aroma of black cherry, dark chocolate, wild berry, plum and anise give way to a delicious palate, probably my personally favored red, at $50 a bottle, I agree with Amelia, ” Liquid Art.”

The final 3 I tasted were 2010 Ceja Carneros Pinot Noir, truly divine, Ceja Vino de Casa, a table red and finally the 2010 Ceja Syrah. These sell at $40 a bottle, $20 a bottle and $34 a bottle respectively.

I thoroughly enjoyed these consistently good wines, across the board.

As much as I love wine , and this wine in particular, the privilege of getting to know Amelia Ceja was my truest joy. She is an amazing business woman and their entire operation is steeped in excellence and service in paralleled.

Thank you, Amelia and Pedro. What a privilege to get to know you both. Looking forward, already, to seeing you and your enchanted wine soon.


Ed:  Fresno State University would like it on record that they had the first working commercial winery in the nation!   Beating UC Davis for that honor!


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The Great Pretender! ~ The Satire & Parody News Desk

My recent run in with a certain unnamed salesman for Copper State Communcations has inspired a bit of creativity!


Oh-oh, yes I’m the great social media connector
Pretending that I’m doing well
My need is such I pretend too much
I’m spiking my score, and now in basement do dwell

Oh-oh, yes I’m the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
I’m playing the game but to my real shame
My klout score has been boned

Too real is this feeling of make-believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

Yes, I’m the great connector
A salesman for Copper State Communications
I’m wearing my #manbearpig costume like a crown
Pretending that I’m still around

I am putting out false advertising
Evem @Kloutsupport can’t believe!


Yes, I messed with the great contender
Just laughin’ and gay like a clown
I seem to be what I’m not, you see
I was wearing my klout like a crown

Pretending that I know how to raise #klout



Source:    https://klout.com/#/user/DigitalKeith



I am still in shock that a telecommunications employee would troll me on my very own blog.


Still no response from Copper State Communications regarding Mr. Gill’s behavior.



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