Klout! ~ How Not To Be A Social Media Wanker

Klout has been kind enough to share 2 of our wine blogs thus far.

This makes the 6th share of my blog by @Klout that I am aware of.



The second @Klout share I didn’t even see, I just noted it as Conrad continues to dig himself deeper into a grave.

Why he would consider my Wine blog and partnership with Lili “rubbish” I have no idea.


Lorna’s tweet contains the @klout link that they create when they share my content.

The link leads to this blog:

The @WineWankers “Top 100 list” Is False.


As Conrad continues to disregard Lili’s wine qualifications I have had to answer him in various tweets.

Rubbish 1

Rubbish 2







I have no idea why he would disrgard Lili’s wine qualifications.  I provided them to him in an earlier blog, and via direct message on @Twitter.

Klout themselves seems to accept Lili’s credentials, as they have shared the Introductory blog on their service.


Klout shares



As Lili clearly meets Conrad’s qualifications (high enough #Klout and #Kred scores) and he made an offer that was accepted, I have no idea why he would then “close” his list.

He seems quite rude to me.  And continues to spin rather than simply apologize.




Conrad’s response is in fact the very opposite of a professional response from a public relations perspective.  As he is now a brand, The Wine Wankers, he should review his conduct, and simply apologize.

Ted Rubin discusses that here, as relates to his stranding on Jet Blue.

Jet Blue took responsibility, and took reasonable steps to correct the situation.  Conrad and The Wine Wankers just drill themselves further into a hole.


The Merry Band ~ How Not To Be A Social Media Wanker

When Shadows Stride Across The Land
Some Strike Up A Merry Band
Lies, Revealed Measure of the “Man.”
On the Watch, Do What We Can

Seems We Have A Heavy Hand
And Friends Rally
Isn’t That Grand
Loyalty & Friendship,
Here We Take A Stand

I have renamed my social media series from “Letters to Conrad” to “How Not To Be A Social Media Wanker.”

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Empire Venue

Empire Avenue Players ~ (E)SQRL

(e) to the SQRL
To the double dee dee
He has goodies
Stuffed in his tree

It’s A true delight
And you will see
That the Fly Squirrel
Rocks the big E(A)

So Get Ready To Rock
And Get Ready To Roll
Cause The Blog-A-Thon
Is the Big Show.

Calling Sir Rudiger Esquirel an Empire Avenue player is like calling Ice-T a “rapper.”

No, he’s an icon, in a category of his own.

He’s the cutest squirrel
You ever did see
He stores his treasures
In His Tall Tree

Dispensing Them With
And In The Blog-A-Thon
You Will See

The Effects of EA
On Your Networking
Prepare Your Entry
And Submit, Verily

The Squirrel is Hip
His Krew The Bomb
And So We Do Rap
This Silly Song!


Rock It Out
Baby Bubba!

Empire Venue



Trio ~ MC Hammer2



Get your entries into the Empire Avenue Blog-O-Thon tonight by midnight.


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Lili Coffin ~ An Introduction

Team Krew:

Our new Wine blog! Please check it out.

Originally posted on The Wandering Poet Presents Lili's World of Wine:

Editors Note:  Lili prepared the following and emailed it to me.  Although she is has Administrator authority on this blog, she is unfamiliar with the website as a whole.  I have edited it with formatting.  The words are Lili’s own.  Her involvment with the wine world is far more extensive than she has revealed here.  But it is up to her to share those details on her own schedule.  @WanderinPoet of Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew

My love of affair with wine began when I was 8 years old.

My mother was a child actress on that was then known as the Little Rascals. Being raised in Hollywood, she was taught to enjoy the finer things in life and taught us children to do the same.

For my 8th birthday, she took me alone to the then renowned Brown Derby. I can remember every detail of that evening. I ate sole…

View original 544 more words

WordPress Risk (Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Konquers the Internet) ~ One.Biz.com Exploits our Plans! Update 9

So, after Facebook verified our proof of concept last September 30th, it appears that fellow Empire Avenue players (e)CDTech99 representing OneBiz.com has provided independent verification of the validity of our plans to conquer the internet.

If you watch their video in Super-Slo-Mo you can determine that their viral spread was nearly the exact same as ours!

Ergo:  Proof of Concept.


From our blog post dated September 30, 2013, entitled, “WordPress Risk (Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Konquers the Internet) ~ Facebook Stole Our Plans! Update 8,” you can determine the following:

Here we are, as of 9/30/2013, at just over one month blogging and on social media:



Here is facebook:


facebook-connection-map (1)


And here is OneBiz.Com on 5/21/2014.




As you can see, clearly Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew, Facebook, and OneBiz.Com are viral and spreading like wildfire.


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Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew (On Lies by @Winewankers)

Sunday Morning & All Is Well
The Dogs At Play
Out in the Dell
The Sun Shines
Future Foretell?
Of WineWankers Influence
Tis a Hollow Shell.



I believe in accountability. Always have, and always will.

Many other do not, and for various reasons.

Some might be scared of offending a big player in social media and wine.

Not me. I simply say what’s on my mind, and do what’s right.

So, when an extremely large account, at the time ove 125,000 followers on his main account began stalking Vera last January, I removed him from all my webisodes and told him why.   And blogged about it.

And it only took him 6 months to realize how stupid his response to me was.

See, when I tweeted him, I told him to walk like a man,  and I was about 2.000 followers at the time.

And his response to me was something along the line of, “what can you do to me?”


Capture Capture2


Well, he recently apologized, after noting that his social media had dried up.




Sure he was still a big account, but by diligently removing him from any group tweets that I was in with him, and spreading the word about what he was, his influential contacts dried up.

It only took him 6 months to decide to apologize for harassing and stalking a woman online.  And I documented that behavior.

I have blocked @greensboro_nc long ago.  Hadn’t tweeted him until this morning since like maybe March?  I don’t know.

What I do know is the fully documented pebbles I toss into the social stream about @Greensboro_nc’s unmanly behavior will become a tidal wave when it hits North Carolina.

For any credible individual would not willingly associate with such a person that would harass a female.

Nor do I think anyone of any credibility that I would like to associate with would associate with a documented liar.

And that is what will happen to Conrad. I guarantee it. For he lied to me and Lili.

And I thought you all may not know or care, I was the most influential person in the world that he was conversing with in social media.




He however is not in my Top 10.





And we were a good partnership I thought, with amazing synergy and growth potential.

But Conrad exploded that partnership.

Capture Capture


Telling me we need to “qualify” when we already met his stated criteria would have been like me insisting that his @instagram wasn’t “WineWankers” because his partner Neal ran the account.

Refusing to honor Lili’s credentials was stupid.  And I have zero idea why he would do that.



And I have had my say about that here on my blog and on social media.


I spread the word far and wide
His dishonor he cant not hide,
And The Man, he does ride.
Into obscurity, Wine Wankers shall slide
Unless they,


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The Stevie Chronicles

Stevie, Koustave and I visited Durango  last fall, just as the leaves were turning to go duck hunting.

The leaves weren’t turning TO go duck hunting, they were changing colors.

I can’t even remember if it was duck season or not.  But we were going to play Duck Hunt on the Nintendo in Fargo, so it was OK.

We took Stevie’s Dodge Durango which was odd as I thought Stevie was a Ford man.

Down the freeway a spell, or up it depending, we can across a lonely dive bar and decided to stop.

We went inside, and some duded up dignitataries dared Stevie to take a drink.

Koustave and I told him to most definitely not take a drink, but Stevie wanted to take the dare.

But first Stevie pulled a dirty glass out of his duffel.

And said to them, “If you drink what I put in here, I will drink what you are serving.”

The dignataries called a round table discussion, and sat down in a corner booth to discuss this disturbing development.

The didn’t want to do it, but the littlest dude there decided he’d take the dare.

And came over, chest puffed out, and declared that he’d drink anything that Stevie put in his glass.

So Stevie poured their drink into the dirty glass….

The end.



Empire Avenue Players ~ (e)Nak ~ Terri Nakamura

Of the many friends on social media and Empire Avenue, Terri stepped up and helped when I absolutely needed it most.

And when one of the top Women in social media suggests that your stuff is worth publishing, that kind of support is breathtaking.

After all, Terri has been featured in the Huffington Post article entitled, Rise of the Female Geek,” is one of the “Top 75 Badas$ Women on Twitter,” and is one of the “100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter.”

And she roasted some unknown comic, Chris Brogan, whom I have never heard of either.



I actually followed her first on @KavalkadeKrew I believe, and when I joined Empire Avenue last October I had already switched to using @Wanderinpoet as my main account.

And as I networked, Terri was always kind, polite and appreciative of my sharing her social media.

She is one of the network leaders on Empire Avenue, and truly an excellent practitioner of social media.  She absolutely understands the value of the “social” in the social media construct.

I appreciate her aesthetic, and her curation is top notch on her social media channels.  She posts some truly amazing stuff, and most of the backgrounds you see in #WhereIsEva come from her social media posts.

And she owns a wicked cool surf shop!  The Alki Surf Shop.

Surfs up!

3 ~Surfing


319 ~ Da Kine Gnarly 320 ~ Surfing Bird Stevie



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Empire Avenue, Social Media & Twitter Networking; Grade A+

If you all are not aware, Empire Avenue is a social media networking tool.

It presents as “gamified” networking, with a virtual stock market that evaluates your social media presence according to their own proprietary algorithm.

I am back on and doing well, with a “stock” price approaching 320 eaves, with strong dividends.

I lead the “recently listed” 6 week old accounts by nearly 100 eaves.

6 weeks Capture


@Twitter is of course my strongest network, and according to publically available metrics I am at least in the top 1 percent of social media participants.

It has been top .1 percent, but it appears to be variable based on recent activity levels.  I really don’t know.  I am happy with top 1 percent in any case.



Over the past 3 weeks, I have conducted my own experiment.

I have followed 133 Empire Avenue players, and #FF’d them every Friday,  and mentioned them with tweets conducting basic outreach.

As I value interactors, and place those that become my friends in my Webisodes, this process works well for me.   I do not wish to waste my time “interacting” with people that do not interact back.

10 ~ Fire In the Hole


This morning I checked the results.




I realize my content may not match the vision for their account and that is fine.

I simply will not interact with people that at least will not follow back.

What is also a bit funny to me is that Empire Avenue has stats and these people know that I am one of their most influential networks there are connected to, IF they pay attention to what they are tweeting.

I received a constant stream of these tweet from people that did not at least followback, nor interact with my tweets to them.

So after delisting, I am left with what I think is a great 83 tweeps, a great many that not only do they follow, but are good friends, influencers and interactors.

People such as:


“100 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter”





A staple of my #RadioFreeFresno hastag, with a hot new single out.




Celebrity, CEO, and occasional gueststar in some webisodes.

18 ~ Opa Vera Style




Haute Couture model, TV host, and star of many webisodes.



Stu is a great tweep, and part of the music #Krew and #Romae cast.

Music Krew




Social media networking, outreach and influence guru.





The Chad.  That is all.

6 ~ Halse of Power




#Miami Mott is in real estate in Miami.  And a great guy.  He’s also in the Music #Krew and #Romae.



At this point Rick is in to much content to count.  Star of #Rick, #RicksHat, and on and on.




Businessman, BBB A+, and from the same neck of the woods as many of my family up there in Idaho.




A National Mortgage Planner & Real Estate agent.  NMLS#400491.

We love us some Hawkeyes!  Don’t we Cowboys?



And many others.

Overall, Empire Avenue delivered to me what it promised, with a few bumps in the road.

That is the ability to network with other social media networkers.  On that score, I give it an A+.

My list is publically available, and I vouch for all people on it as being social media networkers and outreachers.

@WanderinPoet’s Empire Avenue List.

I have enterered this blog in Empire Avenue’s “Blogathon” contest.

Overall, I am happy with social media and Empire Avenue, yet puzzled why Conrad of The Wine Wankers would choose to lie to me and Lili.  I suppose he had his reasons.


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How Not To Be A Social Media Wanker ~ On The Consequences of Conrad of @WineWankers Lying

Dear DrunkenCyclist,



I feel no anger towards the WineWankers.

As you are perhaps aware, I am a creative person and write about subjects that come to my attention.

I would rather write about the content I create, music, the occasional wine post, but when a person I considered a friend for nearly a year lies to my face, I will have something to say about that.

And I spoke about Lili with Conrad via twitter direct message and explained her qualifications.

Despite this, Conrad rescinded his promise rather rudely and in a public manner.

As it is currently topical as Conrad deeply offended my Lili, I will remain writing on the particular subject.

As I was initially joking with the very first blog, yet serious about Lili’s wine credentials, it turned more serious when Conrad lied to me and Lili.

Yes it is his list.  Yes I also have lists.  Yes I have removed him from all my lists for lying. And have removed all the fun content that I create that he was in.

Yes, my friends and I are having a bit of fun with that.

10 ~ Fire In the Hole


Most people that I consider friends have fun and like the effects of networking with me, and do not lie to my face.

As I am top .1 percent in social media, as is Conrad and the Wankers,  I am certain that I have a lot to add to peoples networks.

Yes I will talk about that as Conrad and the Wine Wankers wish to be players in the wine industry at large, and not just on social media.



So I feel it is particularly important to let the public at large know what Conrad is capable of if they happen to engage with him on social media or at a wine event.

If you wish to interact with proven liars, be my guest.

I do not.  And will speak about him whenever I desire until such time as he apologizes to Lili.

I consider my efforts part of my longstanding consumer advocacy.  I have a category for that, if you are interested.

But your lack of ability to comprehend the effect of lying to one’s friends on a relationship is troubling.

Your inability to comprehend the value of relationships in the social media sphere triply so.  I of course learned this from Ted Rubin, and apply it.

Conrad had earlier proposed that he and I write a book on social media.

This obviously is off and I have reminded Conrad that my Letters To Conrad series that explained social media to him and the audience at large is copyrighted.


I am the squeaky wheel that has been ill served and will complain about it in public manner until the situation is rectified.



So for me, Conrad blew up a relationship that had been built over 9 months or so by lying and failing to listen when I approached him privately and explained Lili’s credentials in the wine world.

Rather than fulfill his promise, Conrad decided to close his list after Lili tweeted her excitement at being included.

If you wish to see how integral Conrad and I were to each other, simply google Wine Wankers or The Wine Wankers and see how many images I have created of him, that are outstanding networking.

As we are both very large in social media, I cannot understand why he would lie to us and explode that relationship.






He can fix it, by apologizing as I have asked.  But he has not.

It’s absolutely horrible social media he has engaged in.  So I will say so.

Your leaping to judgement wtih ad hominem attacks confirms your inability to read plain english and adjust for context more so.

This is a social media, brand and networking issue, and Conrad has created the problem by lying.

I’m not so concerned for myself actually, but his lying and hurting Lili is inexcusable social conduct really.

I hope this answers whatever questions you may have had.

Please do not project upon me, as I am not angry.  The public simply has a right to know.


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