On The Consequences of Conrad of The Wine Wankers Lying

Dear DrunkenCyclist,



I feel no anger towards the WineWankers.

As you are perhaps aware, I am a creative person and write about subjects that come to my attention.

I would rather write about the content I create, music, the occasional wine post, but when a person I considered a friend for nearly a year lies to my face, I will have something to say about that.

And I spoke about Lili with Conrad via twitter direct message and explained her qualifications. Despite this, Conrad rescinded his promise rather rudely and in a public manner.

As it is currently topical as Conrad deeply offended my Lili, I will remain writing on the particular subject.

As I was initially joking with the very first blog, yet serious about Lili’s wine credentials, it turned more serious when Conrad lied to me and Lili.

Yes it is his list.  Yes I also have lists.  Yes I have removed him from all my lists for lying. And have removed all the fun content that I create that he was in.

Yes, my friends and I are having a bit of fun with that.

10 ~ Fire In the Hole


Most people that I consider friends have fun and like the effects of networking with me, and do not lie to my face.

As I am top .1 percent in social media, I am certain that I have a lot to add to peoples networks.

Yes I will talk about that as Conrad and the Wine Wankers wish to be players in the wine industry at large, and not just on social media.



So I feel it is particularly important to let the public at large know what Conrad is capable of if they happen to engage with him on social media or at a wine event.

If you wish to interact with proven liars, be my guest.

I do not.  And will speak about him whenever I desire until such time as he apologizes to Lili.

I consider my efforts part of my longstanding consumer advocacy.  I have a category for that, if you are interested.

But your lack of ability to comprehend the effect of lying to one’s friends on a relationship is troubling.

Your inability to comprehend the value of relationships in the social media sphere triply so.  I of course learned this from Ted Rubin, and apply it.

I am the squeaky wheel that has been ill served and will complain about it in public manner until the situation is rectified.



So for me, Conrad blew up a relationship that had been built over 9 months or so by lying.

He can fix it, by apologizing as I have asked.  But he has not.

It’s absolutely horrible social media he has engaged in.  So I will say so.

Your leaping to judgement wtih ad hominem attacks confirms your inability to read plain english and adjust for context more so.

So you are of course dismissed as I fear you may have fallen off your cycle one to many times. At least wear a helmet next time.

I hope this answers whatever questions you may have had.

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The Liar & The Hurricane

The Wankers Felt
A Slight Wind
Was Theirs to Spend

Full Steam Ahead
Was The Cry
Let’s Leave Those Others
Far Behind

The Problem Is
Thought They Not Know
The Krew is
The Road Show

Can You Believe
Conrad’s Lie?
Lili”s Experience
He Would Deny?

What On Earth
Crossed His Mind
His Newfound Influence
Shone In His Eyes

He Ignored the Shoals
And Lifeline
Full Steam Ahead
He Was Blind

A Long Friendship
Thrown Away
His Little List
Now His Mainstay

I Take That List
And Find It False
If Conrad Had Read
He’d Know It’s True Cost

Teach I Did
Listen He Did Not
The True Test
Conrad has Failed, His Loss

For the Krew
Now Demands
Sincere Apology
From Conrad, Shell of Man

For He Has Offended
Not Just Me
But He Has Disparaged
My Lili

So The Man Marches
And The Wind Does Blow
Course Is Set
On The #Krew Road Show

Apologize to Lili, Conrad.


Capture Capture


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1 ~ Right Said Ted

Letters to Conrad ~ Just Be Nice & Switch & Shift

As a long time disciple of @TedCoine & @TedRubin, I know that Klout and Kred are simply a tool and not a means to an end.


Capture Capture2 Capture3 Capture4


I have long discussed #socialmedia issues with the Ted’s, and they are on the human side of #SocialMedia, and not on the robotic and algorithmic side.

If you don’t know @TedRubin & @TedCoine, you should.


From Ted Rubin’s About.Me page:

Ted is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO ofBrand Innovators and in March 2009 started publicly using and evangelizing the term ROR: Return on Relationship™... a concept he believes is the cornerstone for building an engaged multi-million member database, many of whom are vocal advocates for the brand, like the one he built for e.l.f. Cosmetics as the Chief Marketing Officer between 2008 and 2010, and the one being built for the new updated OpenSky where Ted was Chief Social Marketing Officer until the end of April 2011.


From Ted Coine’s About.Me page:


Keynote speaker leading companies into the Social Age. The Industrial Age is over. Time to catch up, get ahead, and disrupt the dinosaurs!

1 ~ Right Said Ted


Both were nominated for Shorty Awards as business influencers.



And of course @Koustave of @OrganicSocial is my #SocialMedia go to guy for #socialmedia.


I blogged about this in my Letters to Conrad series, but I suppose my advice was disregarded as Conrad based his Top 100 Influential Wine Entities on Social Media blog post upon klout and kred rankings.

That’s ok, Conrad is free to make his own choices of course.

So I suppose it is fitting that in my original #KrewJedi Image, Conrad was pictured on Hayden Christensen’s body. Hayden is of course portrayed a young Darth Vader.



So I have some new jedi on the #Krew.

Krew Jedi


And Conrad is out of here, for lying.

If Conrad wanted to change our relationship, and perhaps not write a book on #socialmedia with me as he had proposed long ago, that’s all he had to say.

10 ~ Fire In the Hole


He simply should not have lied to me as he went about his business.

That’s a no no.



So I have removed Conrad from my #socialmedia sphere.

If you wish to interact with him, that’s your choice.

The #Wine world may have changed in Conrad’s opinion, but honest human communication is where it’s at.  And I can’t stand liars.

Capture Capture


Kindly walk like a man and apologize to Lili, Conrad.


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The Final Wine Wankers Webisode

I cannot say what caused Conrad to act so cruelly.

Yet he has done so.

So I am disassociating from The Wine Wankers at this time.

I had been trying to get Lili to write for months actually, and her wine experience and contacts are out of this world.

Have you ever been a member of a wine club with David Kent & his wife Darcie?

David is the “retired” Chairman of The Wine Group, second only to the Gallo Winery in the world.

Lili has been to places that Conrad can only dream of, and Lili’s deceased husband built the Kent’s wine cellar.

Darcie has served Michelle Obama her wine, personally.

And the Kent’s were at Lili’s side during her husband’s hospitalization and after his death.

I explained to Conrad the joy Lili felt via DM, and was quite happy when Conrad said he would list us as clearly Lili’s Klout and Kred met his criteria as he explained on his blog.

So when Conrad tweeted that the list was “closed” better luck next time I was astounded.

And had to reconsider our connection.

Lili of course writes at our little Wine blog, found here.

I transferred my wine category posts over there, but they are still maintained here.

I hope you will read Lili’s blogs, as she will be the principal writer on the wine blog.

Conrad has been fired, for exhibiting Conduct Becoming A True Wanker.

He has earned that patch on his jacket.

Final Wankers



10 ~ Fire In the Hole


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The @WineWankers “Top 100 list” Is False.

Happy to have interest in his top 100 influential wine people on social media, it seems Conrad of the Wine Wankers does not respect either my own accomplishments according to his own criteria, nor Lili’s in the #Wine world.

Lili of course has a long history with wine, starting from when her mother introduced her to wine at age 8.

Lili’s mother was an actress on The Little Rascals, and Lili has spent time in and around Hollywood and with the upper crust elite here in California.

I’d tell some of her stories, but I will leave it to Lili to reveal on our little wine blog.

So when I created @wanderinwine and the attendant blog that is about wine, Conrad wasn’t thrilled to add Lili nor I to his list.

And now Conrad has reneged on an offer to add us to his little list.

I have no idea why he’d renege on an offer, but he has.

Despite our far exceeding the minimum criteria that he himself set.

So despite being in OWLS, having a long and illustious love affair with wine, and Lili’s deceased husband having BUILT David and Darcie Kent’s wine cellar, Lili’s credentials aren’t quite enough to crack Conrad’s list.

That’s David Kent, former CeO of The Wine Group.

Darcie Kent, who has served Michelle Obama wine from her own winery is also amongst Lili’s contacts (friends actually) in the #Wine world.

Conrad, the courageous lion that he is made this offer, which was accepted.



And here Conrad welshes once his own criteria was set.




After all this time I suppose Conrad is truly a serious Wanker.  Watch out if you have any dealings with him.  Pure take, no give.

I suppose Lili will continue blogging, and her influence will grow.

Why it wasn’t respected at this point in time is beyond me.  It is quite substantial already.

So here’s the modified list, if one actual respects Klout and Kred, as Conrad set the criteria on his blog post.




That’s even as our combined #Klout and #Kred scores are higher than most on his list.  And #Klout and #Kred was listed as the criteria.

I’m pretty sure we meet that criteria.

I hope you all will read Lili on our new blog.

And be careful in your dealing with @winewankers.

I will be recasting the webisodes of course.

A word of warning.  Do not lie to me.  And do not disrespect Lili.  Period.


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The Wine Krew Responds To His Conrad

It was with interest that we at Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew read Conrad’s newest article entitled, The 75+ most influential wine peeps on social media.”

It’s a great read, and Conrad went through the rankings with a fine tooth comb and is undoubtedly accurate with his findings.

There is just one niggling detail that needs to be amended.

The #Wine Krew is not on it.

With a Klout score of 78, and a Wine #Kred score of 882 I think I would be comfortably in the top 20 worldwide at least.

Now admittedly the #Wine Krew is seldom heard from, but that is only because they are dedicated to only the best in #Wine and travel in California.

And Conrad, with his rules stated no wine and food.  And that’s NOT us.  We are wine and travel.

We are currently touring the Central California wine region, in fact.

We seem to be in Cambria!

So I would thank Conrad of The Wine Wankers to add us here at the #Krew to his list of influential #Wine bloggers, as the #Wine Krew works hard to provide fair and relevant coverage on all things Cental California Wing Region!

And it’s kind of hurty that Conrad left us off…

PS:  I had no idea I was so influential in the #Wine world.    I knew I was strong in Models, at 987.  But wine?



I’d feel really, really bad if I were a dedicated wine blogger like a certain troll named Michael Edwards and was being outscored by me…

I have blocked him as he’s simply a troll engaging in ad hominem attacks.  And he has no factual basis for his statements.  Your mileage may vary, I suppose.



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Calling All SuperHeroes

The Krew heard the call
The Krew rallied nigh
Are Quenton’s delight

We have some
And can do that
Let’s check out
What’s under Stevie’s Hat

We Keep them ’round
For times as this
You never know
What time it is

So we shall see
What we find
And deliver them here
Right online

What have we here
A Piper Brave
But it’s true
He has no super cape

Header ~ 7 ~ Sunday


The drummers drum
And beat the beat
The Heroes they
Run on 2 feet

Brave Quenton
They have heard your call
And to your side
The will not fall

Number 1
He’s been there
All along



Super Hero
Number 2
It’s Nic
Coming through



Super Heroes
Number 3
It’s your doctors
White coats, you do see

Super Heroes
From All Walks Of Life
Hear the call
Help your fight



They are responding
Right online
Called by Nic
To your side

I do hope
This lights your face
A small giggle
A sense of grace

Do be brave
Do be strong
And with you we march
Hear our song


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Rest In Peace ~ James Garner

When you think of tall, handsome cowboys I’d imagine most would think of Clint Eastwood.

And James Garner as Maverick.

All apologies to Mad Mel, but when I think Maverick it’s James Garner in the role.

Mr. Garner passed away at 86 years old.







Mr. Garner shined as Jim Rockford on the Rockford Files.






And was wonderful in the epic Space Cowboys.


40 ~ Space Cowboys


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Sunday Morning & All Is Well ~ Koffee Klatch Krew

Sunday Morning
On the March
A Strange Detente
We Do Watch

Networks Revealed
Contacts Known
Investments Made
In My EA Home

Header ~ 7 ~ Sunday

After 1 month of being back on Empire Avenue I am nearly back to where I was before.

I am once again nearing the $300.00 stock price (previous high on account banned for revealing BULLYING OF WOMEN ON EMPIRE AVENUE) was about 320.00 or so.

And suddenly people that ignored my return to Empire Avenue are buying my stock.  I appreciate all investments.

I am not certain that I will buyback however, sorry.  I have had my trust abused, and am unsure of certain peoples ethics and motives.

Amazingly one large account, Art Jonak (e)Jonak blocked me upon return, and I had no idea what issue he had with me as I stand by the truth of my reporting.

He unblocked me later (I don’t know when), and bought my stock, only to sell them after I noticed the unblocking and ran a number of missions for him.



He subsequently sold my stock, after I ran his mission.  As a consequence I have blocked Art Jonak across all platforms.

My true friends, who invested in me upon Day 1 when I told them of my return to Empire Avenue remain invested.

I literally have no idea why a person I have long networked with would unfollow both my @wanderinpoet and @Kadohinstitute account, then when I ask him if he unfollowed deny it.

That’s not really what I consider manly behavior.  If he didn’t wish to network with me, no problem.  But when asked, just say so.

But it appears he no longer wishes to network with me.  That’s ok.





I was literally his top conversation (influential member of his network) and Retweeter, but for all that he unfollowed me…




Can’t say that I do….


I am so “highly valued” that he unfollowed me.  ROFL.  Yet has no idea and still tweets about how highly valued I am….







Gonna have to apply the #KrewRules here, folks.

And Happy Birthday to Rick.

One Birthday Wish granted by DCC Jinelle.



99 ~ Birthday

Calling All Kowboys! Quinton Needs Some Help

Nic, better known to us all here as @ChickenFrecklez, has a childhood friend whose son has leukemia.

The child is in chemotherapy and is tolerating it well.

But the strain on family finances is enormous.

And the parents have opened up a YouCaring page seeking donations.

If anyone can help out, however much, it would be greatly appreciated.



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