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Rogue Social Media Virtual Assistant’s and Copyright (#SocialMedia Done Wrong)

Do you have a social media assistant that refuses to acknowledge copyright?

It’s somewhat astonishing, but asking a Social Media manager/virtual assistant named Akanasha Gautam answered my request to properly credit my work met with a refusal to do so.

Are you aware of the risks of having a woman have access to your accounts to post on your behalf when she will not honor a copyright?

California law takes copyright seriously, as does US law.  Simply having a virtual assistant in India does not shield you from potential liability or loss of account if your social media account violates copyright in a serial manner.

So much for copyright law, in her eyes.

4 accounts under her control posted on my facebook wall, crediting another account she manages, with the work.

I contacted social media manager Akanasha Gautam and asked her to ensure accounts she manages properly credit my work in  the future, and she refused.

These 4 accounts aer under her management, including one that is shares the same name but a different avatar, as herself.

I deleted the comments, as they were miscrediting my work, but asked Akanasha to kindly in future ensure her managed accounts don’t miscredit my work.

She refused even to work to ensure that my copyright wasn’t violated in future.

2 ~ It's A Long Way to the Top


She is the social media manager for the accounts. and won’t at least try to have whomever does the work not miscredit my copyrighted work.

4 accounts under her control had credited my work to another of her managed accounts.

I contacted ther person credited, who promised to look into it, stating that “this is not right.”


Akanasha Gautam 1 Akanasha gautam 2 Akanasha Gautam 3 Akanasha gautam 4 Akanasha gautam 5 Akanasha gautam 6 Akanasha gautam 7 Akanasha gautam 8 Akanasha gautam 9 Akanasha gautam 10 Akanasha gautam 11


The “spam” that Anakasha Gautam manages and engages in looks like this.

You will see similar comments on many Facebook accounts, and other social media sites.

It looks ridiculous, and clearly seems to be done by the same hand, or automation.



A third party asked her to please honor my copyright, and not miscredit works, and she refused to in future.

She advised that she blocked me on all accounts.  All being the accounts she manages, as well I suppose.

The following accounts have indeed blocked me, and appear to be managed by Akanasha.

There are more, I just don’t wish to take the time to list them.


Want a social media virtual assistant that ignores copyright and spams?  There you go.

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Empire Avenue Leader Acknowledges This Blog as “Press”.

Gareth Davies in leadership at Empire Avenue,  isn’t the smartest egg, he just seems to be a vicious predator.

That is my history with him, as I told him I was documenting cyber bullying, and would be reporting on it way back on May 31, 2014.


What is amazing, is that rather than deal with this predator, Empire Avenue has lied about his position of authority on Empire Avenue, and tried to suppress that story.

Even as Gareth Davies, and other leadership of Empire Avenue’s openly attack me, their customer, since May.

Nope. Press.  As conceded, by Mr. Brilliant here.


Obsidian Finance Group Vs. Cox.

Summarized by the “real press” for predators like Gareth Davies.



I’m in California.  Twitter is also in California.  When you register with Twitter, and advertise with Twitter, you consent to this jurisdiction.

You also agree to all local laws, Gareth Davies has, even as he endlessly threatens, trolls, lies and intimidates in an attempt to supress the reporting his embecilic butt invited.

I didn’t actually know he was in Leadership on that day, and reasonably thought that Empire Avenue would be quite shocked at his conduct, and act to stop it.

That has NOT been the case, as Empire Avenue support has lied openly to me, and Gareth Davies has continued his attacks on myself, as Chris Sandys and others participate to attempt to suppress the story.

He has know acknowledged this blog as “press” in a series of tweets with dedicated cyber bully Opinionated Man (@smokendust) on Twitter.



As to more followers, c’est la vie.  They can read and decide, but remember people slow down to check out car crashes also.  People are drawn to controversy, and like to watch clowns at the circus also.

I don’t write about Opinionated Man, per se.  I write about the open threats Twitter allows, one of which was by this cyber bully, Opinionated Man, @smokendust.

Opinionated Man is of course a cyber bully, and widely known for his trolling.

The WordPress volunteers down in the support forums openly refer to him as a troll, and that is true.

He has tried to bully me out of blogging about The Wine Wankers, their false list, and the lies they have told.  Even as other media sources questioned The Wine Wankers about my blogs, and other content disseminators, such as @klout shared my blogs.

This blog has now been shared by Google News as well.

Opinionated Man glories in his freedom of speech, while trying to bully, intimidate and troll others from blogging about newsworthy content.

I have no idea why a man that thinks he can bully others out of writing on topical subjects is tolerated on WordPress, but he is.

He’s simply a troll, and bully with a bit of a platform.

Nancy Abt, in her perjurious declaration, names certain leaders of Empire Avenue as her “support group.”

And she tried to have me ordered not to blog about Empire Avenue.

Support group Empire Ave

Page 2 Nancy Abt declaration


 This loons request for TRO was denied and dissolved 1/2/2015.




Nancy Abt does not seem to be frightened of me.  She appeared on my blog on 2/19/2015 to once again attack Steve Krohn.

That is the reason I fired her troll ass in the first place.  She’s just a liar, stalker, and troll in her own right.

If she doesn’t like what I blog, she should not read it.  For what I blog is the truth about her, her stalking, bullying, trolling and threats.




If you can’t stand my blogs, don’t read them, stalker.   They are the truth.  So buzz off ya, ya stalker troll.

And leave people that comment on my blog alone, stalker.

We draw a hard line around here.  And Nancy Abt fired herself when she openly abused Steven Krohn and his children on Facebook.  She’s a stalker and a troll who freely issues threats on twitter.





That Gareth Davies and these people remain free to bully, stalk and intimidate remains a travesty.


There has been no civil case filed against me by Gareth Davies.  Troll Nancy Abt’s request for TRO was denied.


Can’t suppress the truth?  Just bully, stalk, intimidate and harass for months on Twitter.

Even after you are suspended and warned.  Repeatedly.

@witchiepooo.  This is Lili’s picture used as an avatar.  She has tried to file a DCMA takedown, but the form twitter has bugs out.


Gareth Davies Warning Violent Threats


gareth-davies-violent-threats1-e14200413024761 gareth-davies-suspended11





Joker and Animal Mother are introduced


Bully Boy






Eating With The #Krew

I’m not a professional food reviewer.

But I know good eats.

My favorite Mexican food in town is Javier’s.

Located in an old converted bank building now, the business has been open for as long as I’ve been in Fresno.  1977 to be exact.

Probably longer, but I’m eating the meal and don’t want to look it up.

The grandson of the founder has graduated fro Le Cordon Bleu and is anxious to update the menu, but I like the old standbys.

Here we have an enchilada, tamale, chili relleno, taco and beans and rice.

Plates are less than $10.00 on average, an excellent deal.

Es muy deliciouso.



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Who Knew That You Could Just Talk to a Hitman and Convey a Message about Killing Someone on #Twitter?

Twitter moderation has simply lied to me, and claimed celebrity Nancy Abt’s threatening tweets were not on their servers.


Blogging about a celebrity is not stalking, it’s blogging.


Of course Nancy Abt confuses my art and satire with reality, so perhaps she has needs some certain latitute.  She seems a bit disassociative.


She doesn’t even seem to recall that she is a celebrity.


It’s tragic that a former Hollywood agent has no idea what legal “agency” is.



Celebrity Nancy Abt threatens my face for perfectly legal satire.

I don’t need her permission to satirize her.  She is entirely an out of control celebrity, that is catered to by Twitter.

I was suspended for over a month, based on her lies.

How’s that for contempt for their own Terms of Service and “Rules”?

That Twitter Moderation will simply lie outright and claim the tweets aren’t on their servers is astounding.



And that tweets by Opinionated Man talking about killing me are merely offensive, and as part of a global community, I should just block him.




Who knew that you could just talk to a hitman and convey a not unsubtle message about killing someone right on Twitter?

This is America, not Bangladesh where bloggers are murdered.  Isn’t it?

I think it is.



One of the complaints about many Terms of Services is that they are unnecessarily vague, and seeming applied in random fashion.

This is indeed true with Twitter, and Twitter moderation does not enforce their Terms of Service in a fair manner, even when I point out the accounts that truly are engaging in such conduct as “overlapping use” or targetted harassment.

So a quick review of their “rules” is undertaken.



False.  Twitter Moderation cannot identify the most blatant impersonation accounts.



Does Twitter EVEN READ what they are emailing people?  Look at the first sentence of the second paragraph.  Does that make sense to you?  “Or actively attempting to decieve and mislead others.”

That contradicts their own “Rule”.

And yes, that account, @wanderingpoets has tweeted with an attempt to deceive, and uses my bio.


And my friend, screenwriter and FCC licensed broadcaster Valerie Clark was deceived.

And I’ve had over 20 images taken down (the DCMA team works well) of my copyrighted works.

So now, the account uses smurfs.  But the bio remains a match to mine.




All of this matters not to the Twitter moderation team.



Unless you are in Gareth Davies, in leadership at Empire Avenue.

He has indeed been suspended for tweeting private information, but apparently you can tweet private information if you simply break it up into many tweets.





Well, geez.  Again Gareth Davies has been suspended for violent threats, and warned again.

I guess these tweets are specific ENOUGH?



Gareth Davies Warning Violent Threats




The copyright team RocKS the Kasbah!  Go DCMA Team.  I lubs you long time.



Maybe it’s just me.  But I’m pretty certain that announcing one’s intent to bully might be unlawful according to California state law.

I comply with Federal, State and local laws.  These people do not.

When taken in context, with all that this predator has done, how can twitter NOT make the right decision?



Twitter considers consumer affairs blogging with parody and commentary as disruptive or abusive I guess.

I consider the subject matter I am writing about of public interest, and have made google news.

Gareth Davies, who apparently isn’t bothered by any local laws insists I am not the “press”.

I’m happy to rely on Federal Court decisions that say otherwise.


Of course this deviant predator doesn’t recall that he himself invited the reporting.

Gareth however carried the day on Twitter, until The San Francisco DA’s office spoke.  Now Gareth talks about the witch being dead.

Imagine that.


Hey look!  It’s an impersonation account set up to target Lili Coffin for abuse, called @witchiepooo.

How completely unanticipated.






Apparenty you can engage in targeted abuse if you are a business partners of Twitter’s that wants a story suppressed.



Well you can if you are a “Core user” of Twitter’s apparently.

Kevin Green, former brand manager/Admin and currently in leadership is one of the worst spammers I know personally.

T Scott Clendaniel, in leadership at Empire Avenue creates serial accounts to game klout, and tweets people with his accounts to clog their @’s and mentions.

This is seriously abusive, as sometimes you can only scroll down so many tweets.  And when it’s all T. Scott and his bot accounts, it’s freaking annoying.

@Rt2eat can create accounts that all promote his website, @rt2eat, that are branded the same, and point to the same website.



I would have to guess that I had been removed from “search” for quality.  BUT, apparently put back in.

I was averaging 300 new followers a day plus, prior to being suspended by twitter, so I believe my numbers in the last 3 days are indicative of a return.

I have had 1041 and 900 new followers the last 2 days.  Today I have 198 already, pretty good for a Sunday.

I cannot be certain, as Twitter is otherwise uncommunicative with me.





My blogs about Twitter and Empire Avenue are not my most enjoyable content to write.

But it’s a must.

Twitter knows they have a problem.  If their moderators had listened to my many, many emails since 9/30, and just tried to find the truth of the matter, I wouldn’t be writing these.

And I wouldn’t have taken out Advertisements.  Content that I paid for to run.

Until I am convinced twitter’s moderation is fixed, the infographics I created as part of that ad campaign will be tweeted.

Kindly do not suspend me for content I PAID YOU TO RUN, Twitter.

Or you will be hearing from the San Francisco DA’s office, once again.

You see, I am a blogger.  And I blog about consumer affairs and remedies available to consumers short of litigation.

This is as I told the predator from Empire Avenuein the beginning when I noted his many attacks on Empire Avenue customers, and blogged about the attacks occuring.

This however ends my current series on Twitter and their moderation.

We will however remain on @twitter, and respond appropriately to ongoing news about Twitter should that be required.

So, if you have read that the internet is a “mean” place, or been told that by local law enforcement know that it’s because some companies, like Twitter and Empire Avenue permit it.

Empire Avenue in fact engages in it.

Empire Avenue actively lies about the product they have sold, both in support tickets and online on Twitter.

Every other social media company I have reported these people to has responded appropriately.

Only Twitter has not.





Never guess, sunshine.  Never speculate, and refuse to accept the truth in the rush to try to cover up a story.

Chris Sandys is THE worst press spokesman I have ever met.




He and Empire Avenue wanted this suppressed, and have conducted themselves accoridngly in the open, on Twitter.  For months.



And he was willing ot manufacture falsehoods to attempt to do so.



I blocked him that night, on May 31, because I block trolls.




Chris Sandys Internet Troll


Chris Sandys is an epic liar.  Perhaps Twitter should consider that in future?

So is Empire Avenue itself.





@wanderinpoet of Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew.  A satirical, commentary and news blog.


Imagine that.


PS:  Courtesy of the California Public School system!  Go Project T.AL.E.N.T. and Roosevelt Rough Riders!




This needs to change.  The truth should matter, not who is “friends” with whom and whom is able to openly abuse others due to that friendship.


Koffee Klatch Krew

Sunday Morning And All Is Well ~ Keep on Rocking In the Free World

Today Lili has requested a poem in the manner of Neil Young.

It will be as derivative of Neil Young as I can make it.

And gleefully so.


Keep On Rocking The Free World

(cue harmonica)

I’m searching for the hearts of gold
I’m rocking they try to stop my roll
It’s this free expression, they want to kill
And it’s getting old

(cue harmonica)

I’ve been to Hollywood
I’ve been to ‘Frisco
And in my mind
It’s in California where the truth be told

(cue harmonica)

It took the DA
To make Twitter allow me to stay
To remind Twitter
The Play Is The Thing

And it’s getting old

(cue harmonica)

My free expression
Is not law, contemptuous
This is how I roll
And I’m big and bold

(cue harmonica)

They threaten violence
I put them in a funny dress
The truth they want to suppress
I’m not impressed

And it’s getting old

(cue harmonica)

This is America
Not Bangladesh
I’m searching for the hearts of gold
I’m rocking, they try to stop my roll

The truth will be told
The truth will be known

(cue harmonica)

Funny Dress
download (1)


Twitter And The Fruit From The Poisonous Tree

One of the standards I generally assume is taught to Americans is the classic example of the practical limits of free speech.

This is typically expressed as, “Don’t yell “fire” in a movie theater.”

Another standard, at least to me, is the chain of evidence, the “fruit from the poisonous tree.”

Empire Avenue is a poisonous tree.

Twitter has often claimed to allow parody, commentary and newsfeeds in their emails to me when they don’t suspend accounts that are impersonating me.


Eventually these accounts get suspended, but Empire Avenue uses them to muddy up the record, and to continue to harass.

This is clear to most reasonable observers, but remains unclear to Twitter.


Youtube took down the video quickly upon my report.

Twitter moderation cannot identify the MOST BLATANT false impersonation accounts.

This account has numerous tweets that openly claim to be me, and that is expressly against Twitter’s Terms of Service.

For example:

They of course have suspended such  parody, commentary and newsfeeds accounts as @realempireave, @trueempireave, @truecrankypants, and many others.

Clearly Twitter cannot find the thread of truth here.  That I am a customer of Empire Avenue’s, and after June or early July bought the “leadership” package.

And that I am blogging about customer service and consumer affairs issues, which is perfect legal, and in this case, entirely appropriate.

And that I use parody to do so.  Certainly there is no definition of “parody” that includes the fact that those parodied must agree to their depictions.

That my parody expresses truth is certain.

That Twitter has suspended me for truth, when celebrating free speech has actually occured.

Empire Avenue has a three year record of attacks on their own customers, as documented by Chris Voss.

When I bought the “leadership” package from Empire Avenue, I had every expectation that the attacks on customers would cease.

I had emailed Terri Nakamura, and she had talked to @Dups, the former CEO and current Board Member, and she told me he was allowing me back.

I assumed, incorrectly, that Dups would be SHOCKED at the attacks going on, and would act to stop them and fairly enforce the Terms of Service.

I later found out that @dups has knowledge of these attacks by Gareth Davies, as Gareth has tweeted to Dups quite openly as he conducts them.

Gareth also has a history of attacking other cusotmers of Empire Avenue to make false claims about me.


The child in question seems frightened, but Gareth never responded back to ease his concerns.

And threatening players mothers.


This predator, Gareth Davies, is a member of leadership at Empire Avenue.

Even as Keith Gill ran false advertising missions through Empire Avenue (Sales 4 Life later edited the article based on my reporting), trolled me both on my blog and in missions, on twitter, etc, Empire Avenue suspended me for “mission abuse” for creating  missions to let other Empire Avenue leadership and players know what he was doing.

This is exactly what Empire Avenue expected their leadership to do.  Rather than discuss the issue in the leadership forum itself (which having purchased the package would have been entirely appropriate to do, as false advertising stains us all), I created missions.

Yes, I had the top 3 trending missions on Empire Avenue.

keith-gill-trending-missions keith-gill-abuse-email


Obviously Empire Avenue plays favorites as Kevin Green’s accounts that I reported on are spamola, Gareth Davies is able to attack whomever he wants, whenever he wants, even as Empire Avenue “support” acknowledges I am their customer.

What kind of company announces their intent to bully their own customer? Empire Avenue.

What kind of social media company allows a business partner intent on bullying their (and twitter’s) customers do so? Twitter.  And only twitter.

The other social media companies I have filed complaints with have acted with alacrity to remove the offending materials.

Keith Gill had threatening imagery removed from Instagram, for example.






AND even as Empire Avenue leadership and team leader Nance Larson openly lies about their authority on Twitter.





Nance Larson Chris Sandys Lies Nance Larson Gareth Davies Lies Nance Larson Gifted In Nance Larson Lies Not A principal


All Twitter should have to know about Empire Avenue is expressed in this exchange with Team Leader Nance Larson.

This is how Empire Avenue treats customers.  In utter bad faith.  And they can attack their customers, and twitter’s, openly on Twitter.



Nance in fact did not deny such posts exist.  And they are posts by a leader of Empire Avenue, that is clearly influential despite denials, Brand Manager/Admins and other leadership of Empire Avenue also participating in those threads.




Team Leader Nance Larson did not deny that the posts exist.  She would be unwise to as they certainly do or did exist, and were read by many Empire Avenue players.

Twitter, apparently suspended my main 8 accounts based upon the reports of these liars.

And Twitter has spent the better part of the last 6 months chain suspending me for creating accounts that I believe fully comply with their ToS.

If they allow commentary, newsfeed and parody accounts, and I am in fact doing consumer affairs blogging on a company I also happen to be a customer of and in leadership of, and indeed am a satirist, why do they suspend me?

Because they will simply lie.  Twitter moderation has claimed that the threatening tweets from Nancy Abt are not on their servers.


Twitter moderation is so intent on protecting certain others, that they will openly lie.  Blatantly.

Even as they chain suspend me based on lies of this woman, Nancy Abt, who is otherwise openly able to threaten, harass, intimidate and troll.

As you can see, celebrating free speech, and NOT tweeting Nancy Abt, while telling the truth, telling my followers that Nancy Abt was lying, is considered targetted abuse.

I had her blocked.  Have indeed never threatened her.  She has threatened me, several times.

For telling the truth about her, a celebrity.

Yet Twitter, in their rush to judgement, their inability to determine what newsfeeds, commentary or parody are, suspended me.

And left me suspended for over a month.



So when Twitter @policy puts out tweets and blogs that say they give voice to the voiceless, just know that’s not true.


Not im my case, they have spent 6 months suspending me for truth, based on the lies of people that want the blogging about what Empire Avenue is, and does to their own customers (much of it openly, and on twitter) for 3 years, suppressed.

Twitter indeed does suck at dealing with abuse.  I have to agree with Twitter CEO DIck Costolo.

Particularly when it’s a business that twitter does business with, doing the abusing.

Bravo. Twitter, bravo.

And all you have to know about Twitter’s commitment to customer service is expressed here.

Twitter’s words are meaningless when compared to their actions.

When I tweeted Twitter General council @vijaya (Vijaya Gadde) asking for help, she blocked me.

Consumer affairs and customer service blogging is perfectly valid.

Consumer affairs and customer service blogging is perfectly valid.

And the San Francisco DA’s office agrees.  Interceding twice to have me unsuspended, by these supposed champions of the voiceless.


Twitter really should stop listening to liars when deciding on whom to suspend.  Or whom to unsuspend.

And moderation shouldn’t lie about the tweets not being on their servers.


We continue to fight for greater transparency regarding customer service and consumer affairs and we hope Twitter indeed comprehensively reforms.


Welcome to “chilling effects” on free speech.  Welcome to consumer affairs mediation with the San Francisco DA’s office, Twitter.  Thanks for unsuspending me.


Twitter has created a virtual environment of threats and abuse that emulates what my friend Shahidul Alam protests against in Bangaladesh.

This is America, we’re supposed to be better than threats.

Indeed Empire Avenue leadership has been suspended for violent threats and tweeting my private information.

Empire Avenue is a company Twitter does business with.  Well played, twitter.



Mr. Roy was murdered in Bangladesh over a year ago.  For blogging.

I am a blogger, as well.



I have been explaining this patiently, to twitter, since September in over 300 archived emails.

So is Lili a blogger.  Lili is returning as an editor to  this blog, not solely on the Wine blog, as of right now.

We are unafraid, and will not be bullied, intimidated or harassed into silence.

This is with or without Twitter’s acting to protect us, their customers from Empire Avenue, twitter’s business partner.

It’s clear that Twitter protects some, and suspends others, regardless of the truth of the matter.

I hope they fix this.

I hope they stop enacting polices that protect business.  They do so according to reporting in the Houston Chron.

I have no idea how consumer affairs and customer service blogging doesn’t help those businesses identify issues that affect their bottom line.

After all, if you attack your own customers, or allow them to be attacked, most will leave if the attacks persist and are not fixed, and that customer is affected.

This is entirely in their own self interest, and is reasonable.

Yet CEO DIck Costolo, seems to only be interested in protecting “core users”.  What about us apparently “un-core” users?

Some might just stay and blog about it, however, as they explore consumer affairs remedies available to consumers that are short of actual litigation.

This includes mediation services offered by the San Francisco DA’s office.









It’s simply not “old news” and these are not lies.

In fact this news, has now made Google News.

I just can’t tweet this image, as I may be suspended for telling the truth in satirical form.

Twitter and Empire Avenue should know that suppressing truth is #fail, however.




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Customer Service Comparison and Contrast to Twitter.

As a customer service/consumer affairs blogger I have developed some relationship with companies that provide customer service on Twitter.

I will compare and contrast the responsiveness and professionalism of companies with which I have interacted on Twitter, with Twitter’s own.

This has not impacted my view of them, as I tell them how it is if I am unhappy, but they have treated things professionally, and quickly responded.

@Kloutsupport tops the list, with quick responses to tweets even when they can’t quickly fix the issues.


Twitter claims to have a rule against repeatedly creating false or misleading content.  Chris Sandys has done that endlessly on Twitter.


This doesn’t stop Chris Sandys, in leadership at Empire Avenue from lying about my relationship with @klout, however.

Remember, Chris wants the blogging about Empire Avenue suppressed.  And will lie to do so.  And issue non-violent threats, for which he has been suspended.


It’s clear Mr. Sandys has no problem falsely representing other companies positions, as Klout has not ceased aggregating my score.

I have no idea if he speaks for Twitter, actually.

He has no problem lying though about his warning.





And it’s not all that important.  I have no idea why he and Keith Gill just don’t believe @kloutsupport.

I am astounded that Empire Avenue would embrace Keith Gill and his false advertising, however.


And he repeats his false accusation, and makes the additional accusation that I have published detailed detailed financials.  Also false.

Mr. Sandys is an epic liar.


Mr. Sandys is in leadership at Empire Avenue.  I believe he purchased the package that gives him control over the marketing and other departments of the corporation.

Here he tweets a confused message.  First he’s NOT an agent, then his principal just gives him no authority.


And I had no idea consumer affairs/customer service blogging is “malicious”.  It’s not.  Only in Chris Sandys depraved world.

I have a good relationship with Comcast.  Their support team has responded quickly and worked to resolve my issues.

They contacted me and requested I DM.  Which I did, and they were able to sufficiently verify my identity through meaningful questions and work to correct the issues.



When I was blogging about Keith Gill’s false advertising the weasel emailed Comcast and claimed that I was harassing him by email.

This was false, as he emailed me first, and then emailed again after i requested he not contact me again.

This is how much these people will lie, and quiet frankly are unethical and simply abusive and not to be believed by anyone under any circumstances.

Of course Comcast didn’t do anything to me, and Comcast security requested that I notify them if he attempts to contact me again.  He has not.

Instagram of course is a  professional outfit, and immediately took down Keith Gill’s threatening imagery when I reported it.

keith-gill-cyber-bully (1)




Keith also tried to take down my satirical depiction of him, filing a DCMA request here at WordPress.  Wordpress properly defended free speech.

Keith Gill Irrational Salesman Keith Gill Manbearpig Copper State Communications Sales 4 Life


Keith Gill DMCA Takedown Rejected by WordPress


Yes, Twitter.  Brillian job suppressing free speech, and actual newsworthy content of a company that openly abuses their customers, and yours, right on Twitter.  Bravo.


Keith Gill Hard Work


Suspended me on the word of a liar.  Amazing.




Hello!  People threaten people routinely on @twitter!  These people above, for a start!

Consumer affairs/customer service blogging is perfectly valid content.

If you claim to allow commentary, newsfeed and parody accounts, then allow them.  Stop suspending people for that, and actually clear the predators off twitter.

Here’s a hint.  They are named in this blog.



Twitter is the only social media company that I am aware of that allows such threats.  And I’m NOT being singled out for threats, it happens all the time to other people.

And they are most irresponsive on Twitter itself.

And the sometimes close tickets without response, allow gross overlappling use and spam, despite reports when I compare and contrast how they treat me, versus what they otherwise allow, lie about tweets NOT being on their servers, and generally just suck at customer support, as Mr. Costolo, the twitter CEO knows.

The following tweets are tweets I have sent asking for help, and have been ignored by the CEO who otherwise says he is taking responsibiility.


Twitter General Council Vijaya Gadde is so intent on ignoring this issue that she has no blocked me.  For asking for support.  LoL.

Imagine.  Asking the twitter general council to protect you form predators, and they block you for asking for help.

Jolly good show.

Utterly professional.  Great customer service, attention to detail, and pride in the mission statement that @policy claims to be what Twitter is all about.

Don’t you dare try to communicate with responsible people at Twitter on Twitter!  It’s NOT for that communication at all!  Just threats, and official business by business I guess.

Definitely NOT parody, commentary and newsfeeds.

Thanks for being committed to the safety of your users, Vijaya!  Not…

Not even a “Hi, we’re looking into it.”  Or anything.

It’s astonishing that to be unspended I have to involve the SF DA’s office.   Even as Twitter says they respect free speech, and give speech to lesser voices.


Support has answered one tweet.



I think I’m the only one suspended for blogging and tweeting about that abuse, though.  Empire Avenue wants the story suppressed, Twitter, with their frequent suspensions, is helping accomplish that goal, wittingly or not.

The last time I was susended on @wanderinpoet was becuase Nancy Abt lied.  Grossly.  I cannot believe anyone believes that liar.

Twitter’s customer service is designed to be NON responsive and difficult to navigate.  They do not offer telephone support, don’t answer tweets on their own network, and frequently don’t even clarify why you were suspended in the first place.

They are out of step with all other social media platforms, as far as the lying and the threats they allow, for sure.

I’ve had good customer service from Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Daily Motion.  It’s just Twitter that hides.


@ThunderF00t discusses many if the issues Twitter faces, but ignores in suspending by algorithm and people being guilty until proven innocent.

Twitter needs to fix this.  It’s astonishingly bad customer service.

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Krew News ~ Magic Carpet Ride

It’s as if the flood gates have opened.

I have no reasonable explanation for how I garnered 1041 new followers yesterday.  I followed less than 50 or so first, myself.

I am already at 307 today.

This seems a bit unusual, and I am wearing out the statuspeople.com website checking for fake followers.

I was at 0 percent fake yesterday, and just ticked to 1 percent this morning.  So I’m finding them and getting rid of them.

Such numbers are unusual, but apparently possible.

Just be yourself, the audience will find you.



Konsumer Affairs

Dear Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, I Must Agree With You

Dear Mr. Costolo,

Tragically I must agree with you.  You do indeed suck at dealing with abuse.

How do I know this?

Because your moderators have spent the last 6 months suspending me over and over as I try to report on a gaming company that abuses their own customers. both in their own forums, and quite openly on Twitter.

This, despite the fact that Twitter claims in emails to me to allow parody, commentary and newsfeed accounts.

Your moderators send me emails claiming that I can block someone to not be harassed by them, but then suspend me (and leave me suspended for over a month) based on the lies of a celebrity that I have blocked.  And have been threatened OPENLY by on @twitter.

And yes, I have reported her to IC3.  I simply can’t make the Feds take action.

But it’s clear you allow cyber predators on Twitter, as I have been openly threatened many times for refusing to stop blogging about Empire Avenue.

I am not sure how one becomes a “core user” of Twitter.  And I decidedly feel like a non core user, as I can be openly threatened, lied about, abused, stalked and bullied, even as a member of leadership of a company that I am a customer of announces his open intent to bully me with “games” to begin.


Then, mysteriously, many fake accounts dedicated to attacking me have shown up.  Imagine that.  Astounding.

This is most remarkable, as Gareth Davies has, when registering, agreed to follow all local laws.

This seems to be San Francisco, California and US laws, including the 9th Circuit court, yet he has no problem announcing his open intent, and you all simply allow it.

I of course have threatened no one, but am routinely suspended based on I have no idea what.  Why do I have no idea? Because when asked, your moderators don’t provide clear reasons.

This is crazy.  Truly the only people that may know WHY they are suspended, are the ones that actually tweet clear abuse.  I tweet what you claim to ALLOW, parody, commentary and newsfeed, yet end up suspended.

I believe that such open intent should be considered, unless somehow I have to create a criminal case before YOU WILL ACT, while they can just have me suspended for just about anything, including lying to do it.

People are able to OPENLY threaten me, and your moderators fail to act.

They can endlessly lie, which also is against your ToS (false and misleading) and still your moderators can’t figure out a slam dunk targetted abuse case.

She can file a perjurious “declaration” attempting to silence my blogging about Empire Avenue, and I can PROVIDE that to you, and still be suspended on multiple accounts set up to do what you claim is allowed.

That is parody, commentary and newsfeed.

Clearly some people are openly allowed to abuse, and your moderation team apparently considers consumer affairs and customer service blogging, with attendant investigation as abusive.

Warning my followers on the accounts I had fully disclosed as mine, is then categorized as:



It is rather presumptuous for you to tell me why I created the accounts in the first place.  The allegation is wrong.

Yet this is how you treat customers.  Blanket accusations, and you don’t listen to reasonable explanations.  Do you even like your customers that are not “core users.”?

Do you realize that it takes two, at least to form a marketplace, buyer and seller.  If you treat your prospective “buyers” in such a manner, yes, some will leave.  As you have found.

Others might just blog about it.  And keep talking about it.  Until it makes Google News.

Even when the mediator at the San Francisco DA’s office asks how I am violating the ToS, she is told that I should refer to your ToS.

But as you can see, I can’t get a clear answer.

1.  I have never created an account for disruptive or abusive purposes.

2.  The “overlapping use” was to both communicate with Empire Avenue, their leadership and customers, OF WHICH I AM ONE and finally when Empire Avenue failed to act, to warn as many of my tweeps as possible about the OPEN ABUSE of their customers (and yours) that has been chronicled for 3 years.  Much of this abuse takes place openly on Twitter,

3.  Gareth Davies, in leadership at Empire Avenue, is as sterling an example of an actual cyber predator as I can find.  Yet he is still allowed on Empire Avenue AND Twitter.

4.  Kevin Green, former Administrator at Empire Avenue, in Empire Avenue leadership, and quite a large twitter presence is as perfect a case of SPAM as I can find, as per your definition in the ToS.    He engages in serial “overlapping use” and endlessly tweets content from other users, even removing their handles to do so.

From your “Rules of Twitter”:



My test account @rockingrt’s however, was suspended.  I ran that test with the full knowledge of the San Francisco DA’s office.  

5.  Your moderators have suspended such horrid accounts as @trueempireave, @realempireave, as I tried to COMPLY with your ToS.  I have NO idea how you can send out emails claiming to allow parody, commentary and newsfeeds, then SUSPEND me for that, as your moderators should be WELL AWARE of Empire Avenue’s attempts to SUPPRESS this reporting.

6.  Your moderators cannot identify an obvious false impersonation account that uses the same BIO, several tweets claiming TO BE ME, and use of my copyrighted material as header and avatar.

Why do your moderators not provide clear reasons for how accounts break the ToS so consumers that operate in good faith can adjust?

Why are some people, such as Nancy Abt and Gareth Davies allowed to be predators ON Twitter?

Can you rationally explain this?

You claim to be taking personal responsiblity.  I can’t see it.

I’d like these accounts unsuspended.





The rest were created AFTER I was suspended for trying to both communicate with, and warn consumers about Empire Avenue.

I have given up on Empire Avenue.  They are down to less than 1000 active players, and simply continue to drive more away.

You however, have indicated your intention to both fix Twitter, and take personal responsibility.

Here’s your chance.  Have some interest in WHY the San Francisco DA’s office has opened a file, then REOPENED it and interceded yet again after I am suspended based on lies.

Try to find out WHY your moderators ignore over 300 emails spelling out what’s going on since September, and STILL suspended me.

Do you allow parody, commentary and newsfeeds?  OR is your mission to protect a business partner, and SUPPRESS that which they want suppressed?

If I get my accounts back, I will know the answer.

If not, I will not be convinced of your sincerity.

I look forward to your response.  Please provide a CLEAR AND CONCISE reason why the accounts will not be unsuspended, IF you choose to leave them suspended.

I intend to blog about the subject of twitter moderation for the forseeable future.  Unfortunately for Empire Avenue, they remain my best evidence of how you suck.

AND IF those accounts are to remain unsuspended, please advise why SOME accounts are able to blatantly BREAK your ToS and reports are ignored.

I feel I must remind you that I am well within my rights to blog about Empire Avenue and their abuse of customers.  I am located in CA, and follow the same laws that Twitter makes me agree to when I registered AND when I ran my advertisements.

Unless you are prepared to call me liar, and dispute my paid advertisements, I believe you should unsuspend my accounts.

Blogging consumer affairs/customer service issues on companies that I am a customer of is perfectly legal.  And it shouldn’t be characterized as abuse or disruptive.  Especially when your moderators REFUSE to provide a concise reason for suspension.

And I have asked for just that, repeatedly.

You should be embarrassed, astonished, and quite frankly, angry at what your moderation team has allowed.

I intend to run my PSA’s (which I paid you for the right to tweet) until I feel this matter has been handled appropriately.

I hope you fix it.  Your customers deserve to have it fixed.  No one should be subject to open threats, bullying and intimidation.  That’s not “free speech”, there are reasonable limits to any speech.

Until then, my only reasonable conclusion is that a company that wants a story suppressed can do so on Twitter, through bullying, intimidation, threats, and false reports to your moderation staff.

And your moderation staff will believe them.



@wanderinpoet of Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew (A satirical, commentary and newsfeed BLOG, as seen on Google News, Klout, etc.)



Radio Tower

The Bully Eats A Bone

This goes out to my stalker, whom I told I would be doing exactly what I am doing.  Reporting on him.

The social media world now knows exactly what he is, and can make an informed decision.

How does it feel?

Like A Rolling Stone.

Once upon a time you bullied people online
You used to laugh about, everyone that was speaking out
People’d call, say, “Beware doll, you’re bound to fall”
You thought they were all kiddin’ you
You used to laugh about
Everybody that you pushed about
Now you don’t talk so loud
Now you don’t seem so proud
Having slipped upon your own banana peel

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be without a shadow home
No longer unknown
You’re cover, blown

You’ve threatened to deface pages at night, Miss Lonely
But you know you only used to get juiced in it
And nobody has ever taught you how to live on the street
And now you find out you’re gonna have to get used to it
You said you’d never compromise
With the mystery tramp, but now you realize
He’s not selling any alibis
As you stare into the vacuum of his eyes
And ask him do you want to make a deal?

How does it feel
How does it feel
To no longer be unknown
A bitch taking the bone
No longer a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?

You never turned around to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns
When they all come down and did tricks for you
You never understood that it ain’t no good
You shouldn’t use other people to get your kicks and abuse
You used to ride on the chrome horse with your diplomat
The Sandys man, ain’t where it’s at
Ain’t it hard when you discover that
He really wasn’t where it’s at
After he left you on the hook, his dirty deeds you did deal

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?

Princess on the steeple and all the pretty people
They’re drinkin’, thinkin’ that they got it made
Exchanging all kinds of precious gifts and things
But you’d better lift your diamond ring, you’d better pawn it babe
You used to be so amused
At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used
Go to him now, he calls you, you can’t refuse
The people see you coming, they know about you
You’re no longer invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
No longer a stalker unknown
Like a rolling stone


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