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DrHashtTag Offers To Mediate Matter With Cyber Bully Opinionated Man

WordPress blogger DrHashTag has kindly offered to mediate the matter between Opinionated Man and myself.

Convo 1

However I find that offer a day late and a dollar short as I sought a mutual friend, Vic Briggs, to mediate the dispute between Conrad of The Wine Wankers and myself, and Opinionated Man simply tried to bully me out of writing about The Wine Wankers.

I am simply documenting Opinionated Man’s cyberbullying and harassment in a matter that did not concern him and was not about him.



Somehow Opinionated Man thinks a blog about The Wine Wankers is about himself.


I appreciate her kind offer, however recommend she read the full blog series on Opinionated Man and The Wine Wankers before reaching a decision.






Since news media was also questioning the veracity of The Wine Wankers blogging, Opinionated Man’s threats and bullying are actually impeding newsworthy content.

The Wine Wankers were asked for comment on one of my blogs, in fact.

Since Twitter finds that the most overtly threatening messages are on WordPress’ servers we have inquired of WordPress.



Opinionated Man is not “a real challenge”.  He is simply a cyber bully WordPress allows to bully their other customers.  Nothing more.

I hope Linda G. Hill gets the help she seems to need.  When she’s not busy lying about OM’s monetizing his blog, that is.

The only question I have is if Conrad and/or The Wine Wankers paid for Opinionated Man to attack me?

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New Series ~ Rolling Stone Covers

I’m putting my friends on Rolling Stones covers.

I intend to use a mixture of existing covers and original content as the mood strikes me.

I’ve just started and here’s an example.

My friend Steve Boylan is an Irish musician recently moved to Sydney, Australia.




Cowboysandcrossbones blogs here as well.







How does it feel?
In the limelight, shone
Like a Rolling Stone?

Not Selling You Any Alibis
I Know You
And Your Lying Eyes

Humanity You Despise
You Rejected Compromise
Stare Now, Into My Eyes

Bully The Reviewer

Inquiring of Abuse@wordpress.com As To Why Threats From Opinionated Man are Tolerated

Twitter support has indicated that the threatening messages from cyber bully Opinionated Man (Jason Chandler Cushman, @smokendust) reside on WordPress servers.

I reviewed WordPress’ Freedom of Speech statement, and find that they do not allow “personal threats”.






So I have asked for clarification and a statement from WordPress regarding the threats received from Opinionated Man.

Since Opinionated Man has  a history of targetting other WordPress customers, I hope they respond promptly.


Spam followed, churns followers and was suspended for it.




And attacked me in August 2014 and continuing.



Capture2 Capture3 Capture5 Capture7 Capture9 Capture11


Dear Douchebag Award Winning Author, Daniel Park. I’m Sorry You are a Douchebag

It seems the douchebag author Daniel Park (The Oddity Writer) takes offense at having been blocked on Twitter.

This douchebag supports a cyberbully that WordPress and Twitter are aware of.

WordPress has indicated they are working on the problem of Opinionated Man.



 (I feel free to identify him as a douchebag as he happily uses ad hominems while ignoring the available evidence about Opinionated Man.

I think “douchebag” is entirely appropriate to call a person that supports such a cyber bully as Opinionated Man in any case.



I prophetically blocked him on Twitter after realizing he was the sort of guy that supports a wife abuser, troll, plagiarizer, spammer, follower churning, spam following, cyberbully that uses threats of violence to try to get his way.



Opinionted Man tries to monetize his blog to sell his book and social media advice to new bloggers (that he targets specifically, because he knows older bloggers leave his blog) that can be suspended like Opinionated Man was, or lose their social media accounts if they follow Opinionated Man’s advice.



Opinionated Man was suspended by WordPress for spam following.    He had to “spam follow” to gain new followers because of the churn caused by his absolutely horiffic content.

Daniel Park only confirmed my correctness about his douchbag self when he appeared on my blog last night to complain.

Rather than be man enough to accept an offered apology, he complains that I blocked his douchebag butt on Twitter.


He apparently feels that warning consumers about what Opinionated Man is, and does, and has done to others (in his own words) is negative.




My response.



The minions of Opinionated Man never cease to amaze me.

Ask your social media consultant you blindly support what SnapBird.org is.  And what it does, Daniel.

All the information provided has been here since Opinionated Man started attacking me last August out of the blue to try to stop my blogging and inquiry into The Wine Wankers.


I just put it in one place, under Opinionated Man tags and categories so people know how he’s abusing WordPress customers, not just myself.

The words of what Opinionated Man are his own.  You just have to read the blog to see what he is.

And now WordPress and Twitter are very, very aware of that history of abuse.

capture2110 twitter-response

While Daniel Park is content to support such a person, and considers warning consumers about what Opinionated Man is and does to others somehow negative.

It’s as if he has no idea what news and commentary is.

I have asked The Oddity Writer for comment.




Obviously Opinionated Man has no idea what asking for comment on a story is, as well.

I asked Opinionted Man for comment as well.




Meanwhile Opinionted Man and his other minion, Linda G. Hill have lied about Opinionated Man’s attempts to monetize his blog.



This screenshot is from Opinionated Man’s April 16, 2015 blog. 




This screenshot is from Linda G. Hills blog of 1/14/2015 in which she attempted to have Opinionated Man’s suspension lifted.




Opinionated Man has written a book about blogging (which failed to sell), worked 20 contracts and begged for additional work on his blog.

Opinionated Man’s long term goal is to monetize his blog.  

AdWords however suspended him from their program for plagiarism.

What kind of author supports a plagiarist?  The Daniel Park (The Oddity Writer)  kind.

Opinionated Man is a self serving spammer, guys.  He offers truly horrific advice that can cost people their accounts as he lies about it.

Opinionated Man LOVES these blogs about him.  He considers it promotion.  


You can support him.  But I’m going to write about him as  a case study of The Worst Social Media Consultant.  That’s what he is.  And you’re the fools blindly following him, The Oddity Writer and Linda G. Hill.


Daniel Park AKA Oddity Writer Supports Wife Abuser

The Oddity Writer Supports WordPress Cyberbully, Opinionated Man.

I would like to apologize to The Oddity Writer, Daniel Park, for assuming I was included in his apology when he apologized for engaging in the defense of cyberbully Opinionated Man.

It’s rare to see such unequivocal support stated for a man that strikes his wife in his sleep.  His wife has grown “used to” Opinionated Man’s night terrors.



The Oddity Writer is in the abusers camp, as he has stated this quite clearly.


As his apology was tagged as apology, and he withdrew from open support of Opinionated Man shortly after I tweeted him, I carelessly assumed he realized the truth of Opinionated Man’s openly abusive and hostile nature and withdrew knowing the actual truth of the matter.

As he did not respond to the tweet sent on May 21, 9 days after he apologized, I gave him credit as a reasonable person, feeling a reasoble person would not openly support such an abusive person as Opinionated Man.

It’s also  very strange that he tells me I can’t be considered to be a journalist as I’ve never claimed to be a journalist.  Opinionated Man’s followers often speak out of their butts.  This is a direct consequence of believing the lies that Opinionated Man tells them.


Given that Opinionated Man has a history of targeting other bloggers, and Twitter has identified the abusive content as being hosted on WordPress, one wonders how far The Oddity Writer will go in support of an openly hostile person.

Twitter Response

I asked Opinionated Man for a comment about his last abusive tweet, and he has not responded as yet.


WordPress themselves state they are working on the problem Opinionated Man represents.


The Oddity Writer, an award winning author, (aptly named) considers myself, the targeted party, as “negative” for refusing to be bullied and continuing to write about cyber bullying online, to the extent that Ethel Newlin of the San Francisco DA’s office (Consumer Protection Unit) credits me with helping change Twitter’s moderation policy.

My apologies to The Oddity Writer for misrepresenting his position vis a vis Opinionated Man and cyber bullying, threats, blatant intimidation and wife abuse.

The Oddity Writer has come down firmly on the side of threats, bullying, intimidation and wife abuse.


I continue to be astounded by the mindless invective thrown about by followers of Opinionated Man.  They basically show up, cast insults, and think they are engaging in reasoned debate.

It’s pathetic.  And this person claims to be about maintaining and spreading a positive message!  LoL.



Bully The Reviewer

Twitter Moderation Indicates WordPress Hosts Abusive Content By Opinionated Man

Twitter’s recently announced policy changes continue to produce a mixed bag of results.

Social Media Consultant Jason Chandler Cushman of Colorado (Opinionated Man, @smokendust)  began cyber bullying me to attempt to stop critique of The Wine Wankers blog on top social media wine personalities after news media questioned the veracity of their list.

In Opinionated Man’s case Twitter indicates, after I provided additional context they requested, that WordPress hosts the content.  And that I should report the issue to WordPress.

Tweets by Gareth Davies (@me_gareth of Empire Avenue Leadership) and social media consultant Jason Cushman (Opinionated Man, @smokendust) have been deleted, consistent with Twitter’s newly announced policy.

However, Twitter indicates in Gareth Davies case that he has not broken the policy (despite deleting the tweet).

And Twitter deleted Opinionated Man’s tweet as well.  This is consistent with the changes announced.

On the enforcement side, in addition to other actions we already take in response to abuse violations (such as requiring users to delete content or verify their phone number)

I have forwarded Twitter’s response to abuse@wordpress.com.

And written the following to abuse@wordpress.com, abuse@wildwestdomains.com, Twitter support and CC’d the SF DA’s office, Consumer Protection Unit as both Twitter and WordPress are headquartered in San Francisco.

As I am a California resident, and familiar with CA law (And Federal law; ie the Communications Decency Act), Twitter and WordPress policies are of primary interest to me.

The exploitation of immunity granted under the Federal act allows social media companies to not act in the case of obvious predators such as Opinionated Man.

Unless you have the resources to sue a financial giant.  Most don’t.

I don’t think you should have to sue, however.  I think Twitter and WordPress should act responsibly to protect their customers.


Body of email follows:


Dear WordPress,

As you can see, Twitter indicates the content is hosted on your servers.

Twitter Response


I’m unsure why the type written words on OM’s (Opinionated Man is @smokendust) which form a clear and concise message of a threat aren’t considered to be on their servers, however I’m advising you of their decision.

That Opinionated Man blogs to lie about his tweets only establishes a guilty conscience.


Guilty Conscious (1)

That OM can seemingly exploit your policies to threaten  not only myself, but have targeted at least 3 other bloggers, is a serious problem, I think.

(blog links noted in satirical work on tweet)

One thing that wasn’t clear enough I think for you.

When OM “abusively reblogs” it’s not the technical act of reblogging that is the problem, it’s the abusive messages he leaves as part of that reblog.

Given his overt threats, ability and intent to switch IP’s to avoid blacklisting and being sent to spam, targeting not only myself, but others, targeting new bloggers, (perhaps they would grow into paying customers if not subjected to OM’s targeting?) and intent to attack others utilizing their free speech.  I continue to be astounded he’s allowed to engage in such conduct on WordPress, and quite frankly on twitter.


Opinionated Man Switches IPs to troll

To top it all off he attacks your forum volunteers that work hard to provide GOOD advice, and not bad advice.

He’s a case study of the worst social media consultant, (he has monetized his blog, worked 20 contracts in his own words, and continues to seek donations, and at late as last October begged for more work) and is damaging to your business as people find he’s tolerated and they are dismayed when they see the truth of the matter.

I suspect that many WON’T speak out because of the very purposefully crafted intimidating nature of OM’s blog, including the threats he openly blogs that’s he an asshole, he will target you, and you’ve had your warning.


Opinionated Mans Reblogging Policy

Opinionated Man accepts that he is a bully.

Opinionated Man Intent to Bully

Opinionated Man  accepts the label of troll.

Opinionated Man Troll

And he openly uses his blog to attack others with coercive threats, bullying and intimidation.

Opinionated Man Threat

Opinionated Man started bullying me on or about the 7th of August, 2014 in order to stop the critique of The Wine Wankers blog.

Capture (1)

Given that my blogs were about The Wine Wankers, and journalists were not only inquiring about the accuracy of their list, and were questioning The Wine Wankers about my blog, OM’s claiming a blog ABOUT THE WINE WANKERS to be about him should show you his absolute intent to lie, bully and intervene in order to stop free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

(This is my blog, Klout shared it.  They have disseminated over 40 blogs to my knowledge.  They don’t email or advise what they are sharing, so I really don’t know how many.  For a small blogger, I’m thankful for their shares.


Capture (2)

The Blog is about The WIne Wankers…   (@winewankers).


Capture (3)

I emailed his mom, because he’s dangerously out of control and targeting people.  His wife wants him to stop blogging.

He ignores his wifes entreaties, even as he blogs about abusing her at night in his sleep.


Email to mom (1)


Bug (1)


Capture (4)

Because OM games his SEO, he thinks everyone does.  This is projecting.  (This is actually a comment. I allowed it just to maintain the personal attack on me, but also his lack of credibility.  I somehow made top 10 lists on klout for expertise in humor and twitter.

This is a reflection of my quality content, and knowledge of humor as demonstrated.  That I learned about Twitter because I blog about the cyberbullying and attacks they have allowed, is also documented.

It is Opinionated Man that plagiarized, spam follows and has been suspended for spam following.  

He purposefully targets new bloggers to WordPress because he needs to churn followers to build his audience as he attempts to monetize his blog.


Capture (1)

After starting the bullying, he now feels he’s a victim.  he’s simply evidence of what Twitter and WordPress allow.

I ping his blogs so people can see exactly what he’s saying as I blog about it.


Nuts (2)

That I am doing more by myself to protect your customers/consumers  than you are should be profoundly disappointing to you.

I hope you will see, by reviewing all categories, tags, OM’s blog, and his comments on my blog that he created a persona as a cyber bully and predator, announced his intent to do so, and followed through with that activity.

I continue to write to warn your customers, even as he targets new bloggers on your platform.  Their risk is that they can lose their accounts if they actually followed his purposefully bad advice.

And you have allowed it.


This man is a threat to your customers.

I had never written about OM until he showed up to cyber bully me out of writing about The WIne Wankers.

I have never threatened anyone, at any time.  In person, online, with smoke signals or any other means of communication.  I cannot believe you when you guys say you care about your customers, yet tolerate Opinionated Man’s abuse.

Free speech is not served when one party (opinionated Man) is allowed to overtly state his intent to cyberbully and follow through on it, and the platforms he acts on do not intervene.

Cory Stubbs


Opinionated Man knows he’s an asshole, and considers it art.


It’s not that hard for me to understand.  Opinionated Man has with malice aforethought set up a blog and built it as big as he can for the purpose of being able to bully others like he, a lifelong victim of bullying, has been bullied.



And he has followed through with that intent, targeting at least 3 bloggers.

And WordPress and Twitter allow Opinionated Man to engage in this conduct.

CC:  SF DA’s Office, Consumer Protection.
Klout Support
CA DoJ PIU Unit, x-ref 615640

PS:  The @winewankers currently rank at #2 on Klouts wine list.  The cyber bullying and attacks by OM were carried out with the full knowledge of @winewankers.

@Kloutsupport has been great, and extremely helpful with multiple issues online.  Their support firmly contracts with that I and others have received from Twitter and WordPress.

Klout support on this so they are aware, and can consider the credibility of @winewankers vis a vis their algorithm and Klout score.

This is Conrad below, 1 of the 3 @winewankers.  I’m not going to go through all OM’s blogs to find his comments, but he’s been commenting on several blogs.

Lili noted him thanking OM for his intervention on another blog, back in March or so.  I’m profoundly disappointed in Conrad as he started twitter at my recommendation.

I was shocked when he chose to lie to Lili, and then attacked us when we wondered why he’d lie to us.

I now question if The Wine Wankers paid OM to cyberbully.


That’s how he thinks the world works and he’s a self admitted “monstrous asshole.”

I’m not arguing with him.  I’m documenting his threats, bullying, intimidation and exactly how massive of a giant asshole he is.


PPS:  Opinionated Man republishes posts (he calls it “spinning posts”) and links frequently break due to his republishing.


Bully The Reviewer

Never Trust…

Do you trust the objectivity of your Wine reviewer?

Do you trust a “wine reviewer” that claims to be a part of the wine industry?

A “wine reviewer” that has offered a quid pro quo to wine reviewers?


When you combine kulot track pants:




And a shirt:




You get this guy.




The Wine Wankers are “wine reviewers”  that have offered a quid pro quo to the wine industry that they now claim to be a part of.




Do you trust your wine reviewer?

Bully The Reviewer



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Opinionated Man Conrad

Twitter Requests More Info About Cyberbullying By #OpinionatedMan on The #Wine Wankers Behalf

Twitter @support has requested additional information about cyberbullying by Jason Chandler Cushman (AKA Opinionated Man, @smokendust) that he conducted on The Wine Wankers behalf (@winewankers).

The reported tweet has already been deleted from OM’s Twitter timeline.

It should be noted that had twitter not acted by deleting the tweet (recent policy change) I would have filed a DMCA takedown request as the admitted plagiarist has no problems stealing other people’s work.  Jason Cushman transmitted my copyrighted work without authorization in the tweet.

(Jason Chandler Cushman is the registered owner of his domain, and is responsible for any plagiarism on his blog.  That he refuses to acknowledge responsiblity as owner of his site and claim he got “played” is just more proof of his immaturity .)


The following was provided to Twitter at their request:

“The harassment started on my blog on August 7, 2014 or so.

When I attempted to have a mutual friend mediate with The Wine Wankers, Opinionated Man merely trolled that attempt.



He thinks the blogs ARE ABOUT HIM.  They are not.  They are about the Wine Wankers list.  Truly an outstanding narcissist.


He has continued escalating threats to myself on WordPress and Twitter.

He intervened in my blog and claimed the blogs were about him (They were not, they were about The Wine Wankers) in order to bully, intimidate and threaten with vague threats of violence.

This is targeted harassment of myself, going on for nearly a year for blogging about an issue that news media was also questioning, the veracity of The Wine Wankers list.

My wine editor, Lili Coffin met Amelia Ceja and blogged about her visit.  This is the Amelia Ceja journalist Lori  Moreno is referring to.

We started a little wine blog.  Lili has also been subjected to threats and intimidation, and had @lilicoffin hacked.  She now uses @laughrodite4u.  But has lost much of the joy of blogging and tweeting due to his conduct.




Journalists were questioned about my blog on The Wine Wankers.  It’s that content that was occurring on Twitter that Opinionated Man (@smokendust) attempted to stop through bullying and threats.

The free exchange of ideas cannot take place if subjects of interest to the public can be intervened in through threats by other parties.

The Wine Wankers know this is occurring, and condone it.

Please see the most current blogs, with relevant tweets and documentation provided.

The pattern of abuse continues.  And has since last August.

The @lqqkatthis account was suspended for harassing me.


Please confirm the tweet I reported has been removed.  If not, I intend to file a DCMA takedown as my work is copyrighted and his dissemination of it unauthorized.


Opinionated Man has a history of plagiarism as well, having been removed by AdWords.  So he does not intend to honor copyright himself.  He also feels he was “played” and fails to take responsibility as registered owner of his Domain.



Capture (1)

I cannot understand how such an ongoing pattern of harassment has been allowed.

How can news, commentary take place if people like Jason Cushman are allowed to threaten those engaging in legitimate discourse and questioning the veracity of a list that the authors claims is based on social media presence but clearly is not when you do the research?

It’s clear they wanted the free discourse stopped.  And @winewankers are knowing participants.



Original link of the deleted @winewankers tweet here:


Capture (2)

It’s clear these individuals do not grasp the concept of free speech and legitimate commentary.  They have tried to use force to silence commentary and news gathering about them.

And it’s been ongoing for nearly a year, both on Twitter and WordPress.

I hope with  your more recent policy changes you will take action to protect legitimate free speech, commentary, news and satire from such overtly predatorial people.

I have reported him to IC3, the sheriff who responded to Lili’s house said the Feds (IC3) have jurisdiction.  We have contemplated restraining orders as well.

It is clear I cannot resolve this issue with Opinionated Man, but I cannot allow him to impede my right to free speech, commentary, etc.

Cory Stubbs
8:42 AM

The above is provided under penalty of perjury.  All information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.









PS:  I hope OM is enjoying my new humor content.

It’s satire and commentary on what OM thinks he is, versus the reality of what he is.

Glory Leader

I Spy

Little Dick Duck

Opinionated Man Asshole

Opinionated Man Conrad

Opinionated Man Scott

Pied Piper

Wordpress Blogger

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Radio Free Fresno

Top 10 Happy Songs

Time for another Top 10 list!

The all time greatest Happy songs.

10.  The Temptations ~ Happy People.

9.  Elvis Presley ~ Girl Happy.

8.  The Beatles ~  I’m Happy Just To Dance WIth You.

7.  The Edwin Hawkins Singers ~ Oh Happy Day.

6.  The Partridge Family ~ Come On Get Happy.

5.  Ben Selvin and the Crooners ~ Happy Days Are Here Again.

4.  REM ~ Shiny Happy People.

A commentary on being Happy when the course of human events might not lead people to be that happy.

3.  The Turtles ~ Happy Together.

2.  Pharrell Williams ~ Happy.

1.  The Stargazers ~ The Happy Wanderer