Mount Rushmore

Dear @Interior Twitter Homies

I love you all, I really do.

I love me some Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and all the other highlights that are the natural resources of all of us.

And they are lovingly maintained by you all.


But California is in drought.

Can you PLEASE talk to reclamation and ask sense it makes that farmers in the agricultural heartlands of the United States (That’s here in the San Joaquin Valley) have been told they will get 0% federal water deliveries this year?

The ground water is gone in many places as well.

I’m all for salmon, but I do realize we can salmon farm.

If the restrictions are iron clad to the point of such extreme unreasonableness, they make no sense.

There must be some flexibility built into the system so we can actually eat and drink.

Now I doubt that we will starve, as farmers will still produce.

But I’d rather the farmers here not GO BANKRUPT trying to buy scarce water from people with other rights on the open market.

The water rights situation here in the West is a crazy hodge podge.

Please find a way to send some water.  We need it.

Mount Rushmore

Teddy on United States Marines

Teddy For President. Private Bowe Berghdal Vis A Vis Benghazi

A Transcript of Teddy’s prepared remarks from his press conference today is provided.

“My fellow Americans,

Today we gather to thank the Army for charging Private Bowe Berghdal for desertion.

Implicit in the promise to the the members of our Armed Forces is the fact that we will
leave no man behind. We will come for you.

Private Bowe Beghdahl will now face justice here.

The fact that Berghdahl was recued sheds light on the terrifying rise of a shadowy, contractor quasi military now in greater use than ever.

Such quasi military forces were in use at Benghazi.  They were contractors.

The security breakdown at State with Secretary Clinton using a non secure means of
communication with those in her Department should worry you all.

For we have no idea if those who planned the outbreak at Benghazi had access to State
Department secrets due to that breakdown in security.

Cyber terrorism is on the rise.

Hacking, never a small concern to those concerned with security is on the rise.

It is incredible to me that any employee of the Federal Government would use a private
email system for business.

This fundamental breakdown in security should not happen again.

The troubling aspect of this is that we had been through this before after bombings of embassies in 1998.

“I pledge to do all I can as Secretary of State to remind the American people of the importance of the work that you do day in and day out on their behalf, and to remind them as well of the hardships and dangers. You are America’s best; and you who are Foreign Service Nationals work side by side with us for a world that is more peaceful, prosperous, lawful and free.”

Secretary Albright
August 18, 1998

What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.

Secretary Clinton
May 8, 2013

I submit that this administration forgot Secretary Albright’s prior commitment, and by using a private email system signalled her lack of regard for the safety and security of the people under her leadership.

The men on the ground in Benghazi were left there to perish.  No one came for them.

As Americans we should declare plainly what we are fighting for and why.  And be prepared to rescue those that stand in harms way to defend our ideals.  Whether they are in official uniform, or are retired military or otherwise contracting to CIA or State.

Or else we should not be there.

That we only had unarmed drones to send over Benghazi to see what was occurring is shameful.  It should shame us all.

That’s what difference it makes.

43 ~ Never Forget

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Pied Piper

Why You Should Definitely NOT Hire Opinionated Man To Build Your Blog

Sadly, Opinionated Man has his own nonsensical ideas about social media, what constitutes spam, and free use.

It’s very sad that a blogger who revels in his own free speech has no idea that satire is a protected form of free speech.

And one who claims he knows how to build an audience, even as he knows his own audience isn’t coming back for repeat visits…

This is his response to WordPress’ correct application of free speech.



Clearly WordPress did not tell him that there are no potential legal issues.  There is extensive case law on such “fair use” and free speech.

I would suggest that WordPress consider this as a threat, as Opinionated Man is little more than a spammer, cyber bully and troll.

He’s not allowing anything, Opinionated Man’s DCMA takedown was rightfully rejected.

Want to hire a person that has no idea what the state of the law is, and what liability can ensue if you hire him?

Then hire Opinionated Man.

If you are concerned about ethics, risk management and all applicable laws, I recommend not hiring him.

If you are interested in having an audience that will follow your blog and actually be a repeat visitor don’t hire Opinionated Man.

OM himself doesn’t expect repeat visits…




Pied Piper


Pied Piper

Tips For New Bloggers; Tell the Truth (Opinionated Man ~ Intentionally Deceitful?)

This is an example of how Opinionated Man distorts, misinterprets or is intentionally deceitful.

That he is an abusive troll, spammer and cyber bully intent on offending, and apparently is incapable of reason or logic is sad.

That he has a fairly large following who believe him, is sad.


1.  I am not a professional reporter.   I have never claimed to be one.

The 9th Circuit Federal extended free speech journalism shield protections to bloggers in Obsidian V. Cox.  I live in the 9th Federal circuit, in California.  Wordpress is also headquartered in this circuit.

I do hold myself to rigid standards for accuracy, so I am flattered Opinionated Man thinks I am a professional journalist.  This might be more reason for him to change his ways, but it seems not.

2.  I didn’t “move mountains.”  My blogging on Twitter’s moderation was credited by the San Francisco DA’s consumers mediation department with helping change Twitter’s policy on cyber bullying.

3.  The laws have not changed.  The laws are the same as far as I know.

4.  Klout is a content aggregator and disseminator.  It’s not a “mod”.  It recently sold for $200 million dollars.

5.  Opinionated Man is projecting, I don’t claim every person who retweets me as a supporter, or think everyone is my friend.

6.  No, Opinionated Man lost 40% of his anticpated followers after they followed him back and read his blog.

Opinionated Man doesn’t even count on return visits to his blog.

So his ability to “churn” followers by mass following (spam behavior) has now been curtailed.

Twitter actually has rules about lying.  Wordpress doesn’t.

Thus Opinionated Man is simply free to lie, spam (not so much anymore, but I defy a reasonable person to read his blog with a critical eye and think it’s not much more than spam writ large), cyber bully, intimidate, troll and harass.

Think WordPress cares about free speech?

I submit that free speech ends when the blogger in question, Opinionated Man, seeks to harm others rights to free speech by bullying, intimidation and threats.

California law actually agrees with me, but I won’t sue, nor seek a restraining order against Opinionated Man.

Besides he lives out of state.  So CA’s particular laws don’t apply to him, though Federal law does.  I have never researched Colorado law, but can’t be troubled to.

I have reported him to IC3, but haven’t called my sheriff.  They would simply refer me to IC3 in any case as the Feds have jurisdiction as OM lives out of state.

The California Attorney General’s office opened an inquiry into twitter as a result of my blogging, I’d hope that doesn’t become necessary in WordPress’ case.

I’m not scared of him, in any case.  And simply document his extremely poor behavior.

I will just continue to document what he does, as a sterling example of How Not To Social Media.

I basically think he’s  a big bully, and am documenting that as he’s giving that advice to others, and even sought to charge for his services.

Caveat emptor!

Pied Piper

Pied Piper

Tips For New Bloggers ~ Don’t Be A Minion Of Opinionated Man

Or anyone else for that matter.  Think for yourself.

A “minion” of Opinionated Man’s would be a follower of his that merely engages in ad hominem attacks and trolls as a result of his intentionally abusive reblogging policy.

You see, being a “minion” of such a person merely makes you a victim of a cult of personality, a person who set out to offend AND knowingly spam, troll and intentionally cyber bully once he felt he had a large enough platform of followers to do so.

Don’t want to be called a minion?  Don’t act like one.  Don’t be one…  Otherwise I will call yo what you are if you show up here to attack me for blogging about him.

When I wrote the last Tips For New Bloggers I of course was fully cognizant of Opinionated Man’s abusive reblog policy.


Opinionated Man’s problem is that he came to me.  To try to bully me out of blogging about content unrelated to him.

He appeared her in comments on my blog, trolled, then ran back to his blog like a coward.


And once I saw what he was doing, I have set about to counter the horrible advice he spews out to other WordPress bloggers.

And expose his trolling, spamming and cyber bullying.

And he simply engages in worse threats, spamming and trolling.

The travesty is that many of his followers don’t know that his advice is blatantly horrible, and can cost them their social media accounts, if they actually follow his advice.

And I wrote that blog purposefully.

You see I was curious who would come over and comment, and how they would do so.

I spoke with everyone, and attempted to reason with them.  Many read what was provided, and didn’t argue and changed their  minds on OM.

A few read what was offered, and didn’t offer any more comments.

A very, very few come over and simply engage in ad hominems.  I still spoke with them, until I decided they were immune to reason and evidence and simply block them.

I moderate comments as anyone does, your rights to free speech end when you simply engage in trolling and ad hominem attacks.

That’s why I blocked OM long ago.  And not surprisingly after I blocked him, he switched IP’s to continue trolling.

You see, Opinionated Man is a well known troll.

And he’s a spammer quite intentionally.  His mass following policy is defined as spam by major social media companies, and he was warned such a policy was spam.

I wrote this blog on November 20, 2014, with his policy in mind, “Blogging Tips For New Bloggers ~ “Churning” Followers.”

Opinionated Man of course attempted to bully me from reporting on The Wine Wankers.

That blogging had been disseminated by @klout, and media sources had questioned The Wine Wankers about  my blogging.

What’s funny is when I attempted to resolve this very early on, I had mutual friend Vic Briggs try to mediate.  Vic Briggs of ShardsofSilence had been a guest blogger on Opinionated Man’s blog, and I thought a fine choice as mediator.

Opinionated Man merely trolled that attempt as well.


So, if you march over here to comment after Opinionated Man reblogs, I will happily talk to you.

So, if you come here to comment, know that Opinionated Man is brilliant, actually newsworthy content and he’s more (in)famous than even he knows.

My blogs on him have long been disseminated by Klout and other content aggregators, and I have made Google News covering cyber bullying, of which he is a world class example of.

So his and by extension your (if you merely engage in ad hominem attacks) attacks are merely attempts to suppress valid, newsworthy content, and you continue to offend free speech to try to suppress the story about a troll, cyber bully and spammer who quite intentionally spammed.

The travesty is that many of his followers don’t know that his advice is blatantly horrible, and can cost them their social media accounts, if they actually follow his advice.



No, covering what you do as an example of How Not To Social Media is brilliant content.

Perhaps someday you will understand that what you tweet and blog is primary source material on what cyber bullying, trolling and spamming goes on in social media?

I doubt it, you have been immune to reason so far.

Stay, you are simply helping teach many what NOT to do.

Don’t want to be in the news?  Don’t try to suppress it, goofball.

Oh, satire is specifically protected free speech.  Your DCMA is fail.  But you should have known that before you filed it.

That you wonder why 40% or so of your new followers immediately unfollowed you SHOULD have caused you to reflect on what you were writing.

But spamming, and giving offense is your intent.

So you shouldn’t be surprised that writing about how you intentionally operate is incredibly popular content.

My advice would be for you to reconsider your actions, stop spamming, trolling and bullying, and don’t project.

I remain astounded that WordPress has allowed you to do so for so long, but at least they curtailed your follower churning.

I have no reasonable explantion for why you can so happily abuse forum volunteers.  But I seem to have gotten their attention yesterday.

C’est la vie.

Catch and Release Program

Pied Piper



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KaDoh! Institute Crown

WordPress Treats Forum Volunteers As Chattel

It’s perfectly clear that WordPress staff member Shawnajroberts doesn’t value the time or effort of the kind volunteers that help out in the Forums.

This is a travesty, as the volunteers provide highly detailed answers that can save lots of time for Staff.

This is virtual outsourcing, and really abuse of such volunteers shouldn’t be tolerated.

Opinionated Man is simply allowed to be openly abusive, with no response from Shawna.




It’s ironic, as Shawnajroberts herself wrote the posting guidelines.




One of the forum volunteers clearly feels abused.

Someone on WordPress staff moderated this comment, but I have the email of the moderated comment.


I have used the contact form Shawna herself references and have created a thread.

I expect to be moderated shortly, as I have a final warning (might be suspended from the support forum) for enquiring about why Opinionated Man is allowed to be so openly abusive.





KaDoh! Institute Crown

A Completely Unscientific Cultural Appropriation Poll.

I’ve been blogging about cultural appropriation recently so I polled some of my friends.

You might, if you read any of my humor recognize them from the cast of #Romae, my roman history humor webisode.

This is particularly pertinent given the White House Chief of Staff’s comments about Israel, and a 50 year occupation.

At some point, I think you have to recognize borders, and property rights.

Otherwise you simply end up with internecene struggles that divide rather than unite.


My friends are diverse, and have a diverse set of opinions.

This is unscientific, as I purposely chose people from the United States, India and Spain.

If you understand what Christopher Columbus was trying to do when he “discovered” America, then you will understand my point.

First up is @marc1tt.  Mark resides in Spain.

1.  Have you read about the Queso For CASA controversia?

“Hola Poet it’s such a pleasure to join you today! ah mi amigo, (my friend) I just read about Queso For CASA…it was quite humorous to be honest. I mean…a Latina feeling offended by the use of maracas in US soil…uhm…I really don’t get it.”

2. How do you feel about maracas in general?

“Maracas is one of my favorite instruments, I mean what is a band without maracas, they are the symbol of percussion instruments, I feel they cannot offend anyone. You just look at the maracas and you feel blessed. ”

3. What do you think about “cultural appropriation”?

“Cultural appropriation is what makes our lives interesting. If you go live in a foreign country you take your culture with you and you also take the culture of the country you moved into. Unless you’re an Amish…then is a lost case.”

4. Do you think such a concept generally helps or hurts race relations?

“That’s a tough one, in a perfect world it should help, but humans some times are way too stupid and complain about some things that make no sense lol.”

5. How do you feel about the loss of the Spanish colonies?

“Don’t get me started! I think we did a better world! just look at our former colonies in Latin America! they have a booming economy and are so advance (not really).”

6. How can people “come together” as the Beatles sang, if musical instruments are used to divide?

“Maracas are two instruments but they sound like one…we are all different people but we can all be united.”

6. Has this gone to far? Lord help us, has this gone to far?

“There are no words to describe how far this has gone. If you are so proud of your maracas and you defend them to the bone, then go back to your maracaland and become the president of the Maracan nations.”

Next up is @instantkarmasho.

Valerie is a Seminole Indian, and licensed FCC broadcaster.  She’s also counsins to Ronnie Van Zant, which I think is wicked awesome.  She resides in Florida.

1.  Have you read about the Queso For CASA controversia?

“queso for casa contraversia
Apparently something happened.”

2. How do you feel about maracas in general?

“I say maracas make good noise but in my home I teach the children they are snakes to scare the rats away. They believe this.”

3. What do you think about “cultural appropriation”?

“I say cultural appropriation is copycat.”

4. Do you think such a concept generally helps or hurts race relations?

“It mocks the culture so they how can they honor it?”

5. How do you feel about the loss of the Spanish colonies?

“The British stole the forts we built with our hands using dirt and shells then sold it for pennies.   We are not happy still but at least in America I hear many streets are named after our cities.”

6. How can people “come together” as the Beatles sang, if musical instruments are used to divide?

“Hold hands and sing Kumbaya,  that American folk song.”

7. Has this gone to far? Lord help us, has this gone to far?


Next up is @koustave.  Koustave is an engineer and resides in India.

1.  Have you read about the Queso For CASA controversia?

“No, but me casa is not su casa unless you pay the rent.”

2. How do you feel about maracas in general?

“Isn’t that a party town? You think connecting Spanish people with Carnivals is racist? Lo siento!”

3. What do you think about “cultural appropriation”?

“Its a continuous effort. Takes patience and absolute shamelessness to mutilate someone’s else’s culture and then call that abomination as your own. “High five” – Borat”

4. Do you think such a concept generally helps or hurts race relations?

“I think we need more people who get hurt less often. That may dangerously border on the concept of eugenics but I can do with classical conditioning. I know a larger demographic segment of more simpler minded people are touchy about these issues because they are just passionate about the past. Some even go back into ancient undocumented past like the times of Cain and Abel and get easily fooled into believing all the UFO stories on History Channel! (Can you believe they said that the Buddhist rock caves of Ajanta and Ellora were built by aliens!? I know that western intellectuals cant wrap their heads around the fact that such feat of architecture can be achieved by some frail Buddhist monks back when European architecture was infantile but heck, aliens!? Seriously!? Ok I got a bit carried away there… I don’t think that eating a burger or a creme brulee should hurt my racial relation with my own people or anyone for that matter. But well, I am from privileged class so what do I know?”

5. How do you feel about the loss of the Spanish colonies?

“Frankly, I didn’t lose em. If I did, then I would feel pretty sore about it.”

6. How can people “come together” as the Beatles sang, if musical instruments are used to divide?

“Well, I have a lot of interesting things to say because I have been a professional student of music and it’s history. I think music is as much a tool for propaganda as is a medium of expression. It is the people who wield this power of music who decide what the outcome is. The same Beatles song could be made to mean jerking off together, if you know what I mean…”

7. Has this gone to far? Lord help us, has this gone to far?

“Well, there’s always somewhere where no man has gone before! ”

Next up is Lili.  @Laughrodite4u on Twitter.  Lili is a Californian, and the daughter of a Hollywood actress.  Her parents are socialists.

Lili’s deceased husband built a successful construction business, and her family is a very interesting intersection of America.  Her niece was married last spring in the Nixon Library…

1.  Have you read about the Queso For CASA controversia?

“Yes! It’s silliness and faux outrage by Ms. Gruber.”

2. How do you feel about maracas in general?

“I feel them with either my fingers and/ or my tootsies. Party, Garth? Aren’t maracas used for celebrations of ALL kinds.”

3. What do you think about “cultural appropriation”?

“I think it’s an artificial construct designed to further and agenda of a political group.”

4. Do you think such a concept generally helps or hurts race relations?

“Hurts/ divides and isolates furthur.”

5. How do you feel about the loss of the Spanish colonies?

“Are they lost? Lol! Should we send a search party?”

6. How can people “come together” as the Beatles sang, if musical instruments are used to divide?

“This is age old question. I think attacking ones integration of another’s culture or appreciation of another’s culture is extremely divisive.”

7. Has this gone to far? Lord help us, has this gone to far?

“WAY too far!”

Last up is Steven.  @stevekrohn is a Libertarian and resides in Dallas.

Steve provided this to start, “I certainly don’t claim to be up to speed on the subject, but here is what i think at the moment.  I always reserve the right to change my thinking as an open minded person.”

1.  Have you read about the Queso For CASA controversia?

“Yes I have read it.  I think it is yet another example of the PC police gone insane.”

2. How do you feel about maracas in general?

“I think that they help compliment music and are used as musical instruments like any other instrument.  They are means of expressing oneself musically.”

3. What do you think about “cultural appropriation”?

“I am still forming an opinion of cultural appropriation,and exactly how it used by well meaning people  I think when “borrowing” other cultures that it can do  nothing but be a good way to integrate the cultures.   If people end up working together using shared cultural concepts, things or ideas,   it surely is a good thing.  After all we a “melting pot” and part of that “melting” is blending cultures, isn’t it?”

4. Do you think such a concept generally helps or hurts race relations?

“I have to believe that used by  well meaning people that is helps race relations.  Again it helps blend cultures and should be used to bring people together not divide.  The use of cultural behaviors by other races is an excellent learning experience.”

5. How do you feel about the loss of the Spanish colonies?

“I have no thoughts on the loss of the Spanish Colonies.”

6. How can people “come together” as the Beatles sang, if musical instruments are used to divide?

“The thought of using musical instruments to divide people sounds like a creation of the liberals and left wing members of this society.   It is absolutely insane to use musical instrument to divide anyone.  They are and should continue to be a way of bringing peoples together.  Music is a universal love and should have nothing to do with race.  Look at how we integrated jazz into our society as one example of the good it can do.”

7. Has this gone to far? Lord help us, has this gone to far?

“Has this gone to far?  Do I really have to answer that question?  Of course it has, like so many other things that are used to divide and polarize Americans.  The polarizing will continue as long as you have people insistent of labeling people and using hyphens to describe “groups” of Americans.  I think the use of music is an IDEAL way of bringing people together.  Using a modern example, the advent of the hip-hop culture has brought blacks and whites together in their common love of the genre.  Nothing wrong with that I don’t think.”

I’d like to thank my friends for answering the questions.

I hope this helpful for people who think deeply about what it is to judge people by the content of their characters and not by the color of their skin.

KaDoh! Institute Crown

The Privatized Military

The rise of corporate soldiers like Blackwater troubles me greatly.

And I am not going to equate our veterans who go into contracting for the Pentagon with some of the more egregious offenses by less ethical “soldiers of fortune” who would simply fight for anyone, whomever was paying.

I’d like to think that our veterans are far more ethical and not lawless.

However, when we point out that other non state actors, use non state forces, our moral highground is weakened by our own contracting out of functions.

Such is the case in Ukraine, where soldiers thought to be Russian have been used.

If we are going to war, we ought to pay for it.  If we need to pay our soldiers more, so they don’t retire out early, and then simply sign up as a contractor, we should do so.

I’m all for a strong military.  But it should be a  military of people in our uniform, subject to a uniform military chain of command.

Historically, I’m well aware of the British East Indies corporations that essentially ran wars in India against various neighbors.

This in effect turned a mostly historically peaceful region (India has unique geographical features that largely shield it from invasions, for example) into a warring area.

I’m well aware that such things can be equated to official policy, indeed in the British cases, were official policy.

I’d hate to see such a thing happen here, where our corporatized soldiers are extensions of policy, but with some attempt at plausible deniability, or some strange idea that we should war on the cheap by privatizing….

These contracted soldiers cause confusion, and there’s real liability issues here.  Contract soldiers should be held to the same high standards of accountability of our regular uniformed troops if we use them at all.

If we want the worlds strongest, most capable military, we should pay for it.  Directly.

Support the troops.

Or budget for what we actually can and WILL pay for.

Not a smaller budget, with expensive overages due to non scheduled expenditures.

Catch and Release Program

The WordPress Spammer Catch & Release Program

Catch and Release Program


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KaDoh! Institute Crown

Jason Cushman, AKA Opinionated Man Is A Threat To WordPress Bloggers

Opinionated Man, AKA Jason Cushman (@smokendust on Twitter)  uses threats of violence to attempt to suppress free speech.

As a consumer affairs and social media blogger, it’s important to note that Opinionated Man is not the subject of these blogs.  He is simply some of the best evidence of how trolls, spammers and bullies operate.

Here Opinionated Man expresses his concept of why he is able to bully, spam, intimidate and troll on WordPress.




Because he can.

So, this poor little bully, who came to me to try to intimidate me out of writing about a subject unrelated to him, last August, now doesn’t want to be spoken of.



I was blogging about wine and social media when Jason Cushman, AKA Opinionated Man tried to bully me out of blogging on the subject.

Interesting the subject was the LARGEST social media Wine presences on the internet.

One of which The Wine Wankers are, and I am.

Surprising I know, that a blogger can be top .5% social media, I suppose.

So, Opinionated Man, in denying the reality of the situation, tried to bully me about writing about subject matter I am intimately involved in.

And my blogs have been carried on Google News, disseminated by @klout and other news media questioned The Wine Wankers about my blogging.


And Opinionated Man tried to bully me out of writing about newsworthy content.

I would be the worst ever social media and consumer affairs blogger if I allowed such a troll to bully me out of writing about perfectly viable subject matter.

This is what trolls and bullies such as Jason Cushman AKA Opinionated Man  fear.

Exposure.  They are unable to function in the anti social way they desire when people know what they are.


Forewarned is forearmed.

Yes, I can write what I wish.

This despite Opinionated Man’s best attempt to bully and intimidate me out of writing about cyber bullying, stalking and trolling in social media.

It’s unfortunate for him that his blog and tweets are some of the best evidence I have about such anti social behavior, but it is what it is.

And I don’t intend on stopping writing about bullying, stalking and trolling in social media.

We have already seen Twitter enact policy changes after many months of blogging about Twitter’s policies, and the hope is WordPress will clean up their policies and stop such people as Opinionated Man from openly harasssing and abusing other customers.

Why do I do this?  Because it’s the right thing to do.

And because it’s my right, and speaking up for those otherwise silenced by serial abusers such as Jason Cushman is needed.

I don’t believe free speech is protected when people such as Jason Cushman, AKA Opinionated Man, use their platform to bully, intimidate and troll, and spam.

He was caught again in an automated sweep the other day…

Why does WordPress allow such blatant anti social activity?

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