Joltin' Joe Dimaggio

The Yankee Clipper (Joe DiMaggio for you Young’uns)

When discussing  center fielders, great
No discussion  is complete
Without mention of the Yankee Clipper
A graceful man about the  bases
and all five tools, galore
Speed, power, average, and whatever  more
Scouts do dream when 5 tools, complete
Sport writers write  about in words eloquent
The Yankee Clipper started in San Francisco
bought by the Yankees to the big city
with career interrupted by war
who knows what he would have done
in full  career?
Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio?
Was once sung in famous song
Yet in our mind the memory is strong
Of the Clipper in full stride
Catching up to a line drive
And doubling off an errant runner
With strong  arm that brings the thunder
And leaves opposing manager a blubber
With no  one on base and inning over
Clipper glides sedately into the dugout  forevermore

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