Moderation Success At Facebook ~ Fact Kheck Krew

Ok, so after being rather unfairly censored by Facebook last night I blogged about it in my post, Thou Shalt Not Talk About Cyber Bullying on Facebook?

My assault was a masterpiece of coordination as I used the tools available on Facebook to report Ulf’s shockingly egregious thread and post to Ulf himself, the [X] Bar group administrators, and Facebook themselves.

That Ulf’s comment was a shocking troll is self-evident.




The report to Ulf is a model of hilarity and a screenshot is enclosed.

I did not write those words, that is what Facebook suggests.

I could have added a reason, but the tone of the words Facebook provides was hilarious so I left it as is.



Please also note that Yvonne considers herself “quite exciting”.  LoL.

The offending post has been removed.  I don’t know who removed it, but I thank whoever took the time to make a competent moderation decision.

Thank you.

Why Ulf remains unmoderated at Empire Avenue remains a mystery to me.  

Why this post that includes so many Terms of Service breaking posts remains unmoderated is also a mystery to me.

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