Thou Shalt Not Talk About Cyber Bullying on Facebook?

I’m not sure what I did wrong in discussing biased moderation on of a community group and Empire Avenue, but it appears I offended the Gods of Facebook.




As you can see, they took down a post on Facebook.

It’s was a link to my tweet.

My tweet is being retweeted and favorited nicely as many people are interested in poor moderation, cyber bullying and trolls.

My actual blog post is well documented, is a concise argument and I would testify to what I have written in court.



My actual post that shared directly to Facebook is still on my Facebook and has not been removed.



So I reviewed the Facebook Community Guidelines to try to determine which I might have violated.

Remember, I am discussing the moderation of a Facebook group in this post.  Namely Ulf Hedlund’s highly inflammatory post that actually is bullying in the (X) Bar group on Facebook.



And the Moderator of the Facebook group threatened to kick me out if my posts discussing biased moderation “deteriorated.”





The moderator still has not responded to how I sinned.

Ok, do here are the Facebook Community Standards that I supposedly violated.

I have no idea who reported me, but I suspect Tammi Kibbler or Dan of course.

Facebook Community Standards 1


Capture2 Capture3 Capture5


Did I commit violence or make any threats?  No I did not.

Threaten Self-Harm?  No.

Bullying and harassment?  Well, only if pointing out a bully is bullying a bully?  How does one report bullying and harassment and comment on it if one is unable to write about it?

So as a test, I have reported Ulf’s post, both to the group Admins, whom I don’t expect to act, and to Facebook, who I think might act given Ulf’s horrendous comment.

I shall monitor for any action.



Reported to Facebook


So the question is:

Is talking about poor moderation on Empire Avenue and in a Facebook group verboten?

Is responding to a bully who threatens to ban you from a group when you’ve done nothing wrong on Facebook ok?

Is bullying a woman who recently sustained a miscarriage ok on Facebook?

Those are the questions I have.

I shall monitor and seek answers.

4 ~ Friendly Moderator


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