Letters to Conrad ~ On Twitter Unfollowers and their behavior.

Dear Conrad,

I have a pretty good memory, and remember those who have followed me, then unfollowed.

Most don’t advise why they unfollow, they simply do.  I don’t really worry about why, if they unfollow I do the same.  If they are a large account, and followed recently then unfollowed to keep their sexy “rock star” following to follower ratio, I block them.

I do this largely because Twitter enforces an ill-defined ratio of following to followers on us little people.  If you are a “rock star” it doesn’t apply to you.  Everyone else has to remain close to a 1 to 1 ratio, you cannot follow 10k people, and have 20 followers, basically.

I tweet to those people I unfollow and block, advising them (and my audience and potential audience) of my personal #krewrules as to what I don’t want to follow or be associated with.

So, today as I was careening about, @jokeblogger,  that unfollowed my @thewanderinpoet account on the 17th followed my other 3 accounts, (@teamkrew12, @goingyourownway, and @kavalkadekrew) in a row.

You can see their follow here on my Star Trek TwitterDeck UI!

Tweetdeck views of @jokeblogger following

I recognized their avatar and knew they had unfollowed my main twitter account.

@jokeblogger unfollow.

Here’s their little avatar, 2nd from left on Sunday, the 17th of November.

I use a variety of apps to track followers and unfollowers.  JustUnfollow.com tracks them by date.

I could not understand why someone that had unfollowed me would follow my other 3 accounts.  They are plainly labeled on the bio that they are me and mine.  

I don’t care that they unfollowed me, I just unfollow them as a matter of policy.  However I don’t want to waste my time unfollowing them again after they unfollow me.  So I nipped that in the bud and blocked them.

I like real followers amongst my Tweeps.  And if someone can’t remember they unfollowed me, and follows me back quickly, I doubt their realness.

I suspect they utilize software to harvest followers…

Oh, bit of an update on the @share4kids charity matter…

Today, after I blogged on @share4kids, @charitynav followed me.

I tweeted a series of tweets advising that I did not wish them to follow me.  I then blocked them.  Why did I block them?  Because that forces them off my follower list.

Basically I question their actual expertise on investigating charity fraud.  They ignored my initial complaint to them, and have not done anything to date.

I do not respect a charity website that says they track and report on chairties but does not take a legitimate complaint about a charity seriously enough to even list them on their website.  I laid out my problems with @share4kids to @charitynav and advised them in a tweet with a reference to my initial blog post.    They did nothing.  

However as I noted earlier, the Ohio Attorney Generals office has taken my complant seriously.  Thanks AG.

I recommend the BBB for your charitable giving enquiries.

So I do not wish to be followed by @charitynav.  And took appropriate action so they are not following me.

I like to say, “Hi” to my friend @nahdude83 in my #unfollow tweets for fun.  He runs with it, so it’s just for funsies.

I used to tweet and ask people to kindly unfollow me.  But I was told I had a big ego for doing that.

Now I just tweet why I am unfollowing them, and block them.

I am always happy to explain to someone WHY I am unfollowing them.  Maybe someone might take the time to read my #krewrules and not follow me in the first place.  But I doubt it.  So I have fun with it.  LoL.  ;)

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