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Self Proclaimed “Social Media Gurus” on Twitter & Their Lack of Social Skills. ~ The Kadoh! Institute

We here at Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew have new BFF’s forever at @Organic Social.

And we don’t particularly mean the business.

Now we at Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew are wise to the use of the Force and internet marketing. And we knew by their clever name that they are engaged in social marketing. Which we immediately understood to mean they talk to people. Like really, truly interact. Not just “Hey, babe have your people call my people, buy my Product X.”  And if the Tweep responds, you ignore them.  American consumers are savvy, and if we detect a Tweet bot, lack of sincerity etc we might just go one store down.

So we spend time joking around with whomever is behind @Organic Social. Now we do our best not to step on their message, which is to help brand their clients product in the Social Media scene.

But that doesn’t really bother us. As we are just having fun with it. And they actually reached out to us first when we were writing poetry with The Product Poet about some of the brands he likes. So like we said, we have fun with it.

But we understand we are all capitalists here, of course. Except for Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew.  We are capitalists in our day jobs on the non-profit mission avocation of reporting on Racism, Homophobia & Hate Speech on City Data Forum.  We are so non-profit that we won’t pay the gub’ment to BE a non-profit. OK?

But I don’t really want to rain on Organic Social’s parade. And if my being funny helps them a little bit, that’s just fine with us, as we spread a little music, humor or whatever else we are spreading.

And yes, they do blog here at WordPress Meet,

Now dudes @Organic Social, a helpful hint is when I look at your LinkedIn profile, I’d like to see the same Koustubh looking at me that looks at me here on WordPress.

But I digress.

They are pretty funny, and laugh at my silliness a bit. And called me a genius. We love them for that of course.

And we have noticed that a whole lot of the “Social Media Gurus” on Twitter fail at socializing. That is, when I respond to their Tweets, I don’t get answers back.

Anyway, if you “Social Media Gurus” want OK be my paperboy, that’s ok I guess. But if I tweet ya, that’s an invite onto the porch and a glass of lemonade. If you ignore it, your tip will probably suffer at the end of the month.

And my great-grandpa came to California during the Dust Bowl. From Missouri. And y’all know what that means, right? That’s right, it means I carry some “Show Me” state it me. And if you don’t show me sincerity, you’re gonna find yourself on the wrong side of the property line. Not welcome a’tall…

What’s my particular expertise in selling anyway? 23 years of settling insurance claims with an emphasis on fraud investigation. You better believe I know how to sell, or else I would never actually settle a claim. And smell bullshit…

I mean, do y’all want to take advice on Social Media from someone that won’t socialize with ya? I sure don’t. I kicked some of their tires, and they went flat, and I didn’t get a handshake and a firm look in the eyes, Internet Style. I got a tired old used car salesman on the way out the door.

Except for a very few people. Led by these guys, the rest I noted on Twitter today.

By the way, I find their blog name pretty funny.  As you can see I pretty much crib with the use of images.  If I get a cease and desist letter, we will cease and desist.  But until then, it’s Satire and Fair Use under US law.  And I actually think I’m on pretty firm ground with that.  I just don’t want to test it legally if we get sued. ;)

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